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Sony Ericsson "Shakira" Actually The Xperia X8?

Authored by: Douglas Carter — Jun 15, 2010

I mentioned a week ago that pictures of two new Sony Ericsson phones had been leaked out. One of the devices looked to be a sibling to the Xperia X10 and at the time was rumored to be called the Shakira. Yesterday, Engadget wrote that has some pictures that may be real shots of the rumored device.

No firm specs can be found on this device other than's mention of the phone's 3" size.

The phone appears, as mentioned earlier, to strike a middle-ground between the Xperia X10 and the X10 Mini. As to why they would switch the X10 to X8, is anyone's guess, but I'll wager that there were some internal changes in terms of hardware, otherwise the X10 branding for the Mini makes even less sense.

Phandroid also shares their hope that this phone "might include some improvements such as multi-touch and an updated Android OS."

Head over here to look at the gallery of pictures that may or may not be real. Engadget notes that "Sony Ericsson fans are world-renowned for their capacity for high-quality fakery."

Other Sources: Engadget, EuroDroid, Phandroid

Image from Engadget

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