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Verizon Following AT&T's Lead, Removing Unlimited Data Plans?

Engadget has a source telling them that Verizon will be removing their unlimited data plans, like AT&T did not so long ago, in favor of a "tiered bucket strategy" around the end of the month, possibly on July 29th. The two companies, as Engadget writes, are competitors, and they "tend to follow each others' moves pretty closely."

Engadget goes on to say that "Verizon has been sending this message for a long time -- even before AT&T was -- so it shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone that this is going down."

AndroidandMe adds that "Verizon recently updated their MyVerizon Android application with new features, like the ability to monitor data usage. The only real question left: how much will the new plans cost?"

However, Engadget mentions (and I agree) that the pricing strategies will likely be very similar to each other. AndroidandMe notes that "AT&T now offers two levels of data plans ($25 for 2 GB, $15 for 200 MB)."

Another lingering question in my mind is whether Verizon will allow customers already on unlimited data plans to be grandfathered in and continue to pay the same rate, or whether those customers will have to choose a different data plan.

Other Sources: AndroidandMe

Image from Engadget

Source: Engadget


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  • It will be happening soon, as the Verizon CEO just revealed his intentions to do exactly that

  • Doing something like this would definitely cause a large scale flood of complaints and problems for verizon. As an android user myself the unlimited data plan already mentions somewhat in fine print of a mild cap of 5 GB a month but haven't heard of it being enforced really as much as a hint of you shouldn't really need more than that unless your doing something bad with it. But capping it at all its ridiculous. The whole reason these phones were made was for unlimited access to the internet and so forth. If you wanna do something how about turning all phones into unlined data packages and turn them into VOIP phones and then everyone will pay for the data plans and pay for cheaper calling plans because it's VOIP. You can advertise as the first all call VOIP cell phone company. Also if this its used I would like credit for it and some kind of reward/ consulting payment.

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    Deactivated Account Jul 29, 2010 Link to comment

    Honestly that will cripple Android apps. I have several apps that use the internet like Pandora and Last.fm and even games. I have not gotten any news about this from Verizon.

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