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Android TV adds Google Now right to your boob tube
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Android TV adds Google Now right to your boob tube

Google didn’t just present the Android Auto, Android Wear, and the Android L at the Google I/O, Android TV also made its appearance, like we thought in our Google I/O expectations, there is also something for the living room: Android TV. 

androidpit android tv
Android is creeping further into our lives, even in the living room. © AndroidPIT

Android TV its tightly integrated into the L release of Android: movies, games, and more right at home. The controls can be done from an app on your smartphone or from the Android Wear smartphone, and of course, all by voice command if so desired.

The central point of Android TV is the Google Search function. The launcher recommends contents that are automatically sorted by what users are using or looking for the most, just like the concept behind Google Now. For example, you could say: Ok, Google, Oscar nominated movies from 2012, and Google will search for this and show you the results right on the Android TV ‘Home’ interface.

Android TV will get Google Now providing you with tons of suggestions from your normal behavior. © AndroidPIT

The Android TV section of the Google Play Store will arrive in the Play Store starting in the fall of 2014, along with Android L in tow. There will be numerous partners working on this TV service and Chromecast will be an integral function of the Android TV.

Google will give developers a kit to get started creating some cool apps for Android TV.

Source: Android TV


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  • It's ok Philipp, it's our crazy complicated language - and we love to read your honesty in the comments on AndroidPIT! Also...it's always good to keep our writers on their toes with all your Android knowledge haha :)

  • My1 Jun 26, 2014 Link to comment

    it adds google now into the WHAT?
    please use some a bit more serious looking titles, you aint the Bild

    • BOOB TUBE. Come on Philipp what's life without a little joke... ;)

      • My1 Jun 26, 2014 Link to comment

        jokes are ok but must it ALWAYS be ***istic jokes, I dont think that's funny, especially when there are kids who surf this page, but the worst was the german "pussy joke", coz in English, pussy is rather often used as cat synonym, BUT the german eqivalent almost never uses it in the "cat" way, almost only in the ***istic meaning, where I must say that it isnt funny...

      • Hey Philipp, thanks for your concern for our younger readers. I can see where your confusion is. Thankfully you should be relieved that this is in fact not a sexist joke, boob tube is simply a synonym or slang for television in English speaking countries. The word ''boob'' has more than one meaning which could lead to confusion for non-native speakers, and even more so when saying ''boob tube'', which may seem perplexing to some at first. I for one would never make a sexist joke, whether in my personal or professional. Hopefully you will find peace of mind in learning yet another English expression.

      • My1 Jun 26, 2014 Link to comment

        is the television in English speaking countries (there must be some way to shorten that!) that ***ist or why is it called that way???
        I dont live in an English speaking country (Germany) and havent watched TV for ages, as it doesnt air Anime in Japanese and I cannot decide what to watch when and there is no adblock for TV...

      • boob also means a foolish or stupid person, which is why it is used in the general TV context, nothing to do with the human anatomy.

      • My1 Jun 26, 2014 Link to comment

        oh my god, I dont want to use it as an excuse or anything but the asperger autism can sometimes be really annoying...

  • I wonder how much the standalone boxes will be? Of its affordable it has the edge over a Chromecast for me.