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App 2 SD - Move apps to SD card
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App 2 SD - Move apps to SD card

Now that the Desire also has Froyo (and other phones are up next), it’s time to test a few apps that are must-haves for Froyo users. I’ll start off with today’s app, which makes moving apps to your SD card a whole lot easier. Check it out!


Reviewed version Latest version
1.11 4.37

Features & Use

Froyo makes it possible to save certain apps to the SD card, which means that we need an app that in turn enables this. What you usually do is check each app via Applications-Settings to see if it can be saved to the SD card. This can be really time consuming, which is a nuisance when you have hundreds of apps on your phone. I have to admit that I started doing just that after I first installed Froyo. I was sitting in the train, checking each and every one of my apps. So you can imagine my relief when I cam across App 2SD. This app shows you those apps that can be moved to SD, which is how I found two apps that I had overlooked during my manual search.

Screen & Controls

Controls are simple and logical, which makes the app very easy to use. There are two different sections: On Phone and On SD Card. You can switch to and fro between these two sections using the top bar. As soon as App 2SD finds an application that can be saved to your SD card it appears in the On Phone section. The app’s icon – listing the name and size of the application – appears. In order to save the app simply click on the icon and you’ll see “Settings -> Applications -> Choose app”. Then simply press the Save to SD Card button and the deed is done.

The advantage with App 2 SD is that you don’t need to check each app to see if it can be shifted to SD each time you do an update; the app does it for you.

The following three options appear when you click on the menu button:

Sort by name

I like the fact that apps can be sorted according to their names; this makes finding specific apps much faster.

If you don’t want all of your apps to be saved to your SD card (because you may not be able to start them up if your phone is connected to your computer), you can always reverse the process. By pressing On SD Card you can transfer the app back to the internal storage.

I like the bar displayed near the bottom of the screen: it shows you how much space is left on your internal storage, as well as on your SD card.

Speed & Stability

App 2 SD ran really smoothly during the testing period. I’ve been using it for a while now and haven’t had any problems.

Price/Performance Ratio

The app can be downloaded free of charge from the Android Market.


App 2 SD - Move apps to SD card App 2 SD - Move apps to SD card App 2 SD - Move apps to SD card App 2 SD - Move apps to SD card App 2 SD - Move apps to SD card


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