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Apple Maps is down, but there's a solution for you
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Apple Maps is down, but there's a solution for you

If you're an Apple fan and need directions today I'm afraid we have some bad news about Apple Maps. The app is down. Out of service. Kaput. Not responding. It has passed on, etc. But that doesn't mean you can't get around. We've got some advice on how to find your way.

On downdetector.com, Apple users are finding themselves lost in the woods. 60% complain that Apple Maps is not providing them with any data, and 39% can't even open up the app. The issue is affecting all devices that support Apple Maps including the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

Apple's System Status does show current issues with Maps-Routing and Navigation, and Maps-Search. So yes, it's official. No Apple Maps, at least for now.

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Google Maps isn't just for Android, you know. / © AndroidPIT

Those trying to get directions using Apple Maps are receiving a message that reads, "Directions Not Available. Route information is not available at this moment." Luckily, we have the solution. 

Just follow these steps:

  • Install Google Maps on your iOS device. It's right there in the App Store.
  • Get where you need to go.
  • Apple Maps will be back in service at some point, but you probably won't care anymore. 

Do you use Apple Maps? What kind of issue are you having?

Source: downdetector


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  • wow....great information

  • And what about families that use more than one phone operating system? My husband likes iPhone, and I use an Android. Our current car doesn't support a smart phone, but what happens when we buy a new car? I would want one that would support whomever happens to be driving at the moment. I think that sounds reasonable ... don't you?

  • Problem is this workaround won't work around it for Drivers relying on CarPlay - the built-in screen on certain car models. Apple caved recently and will permit use of Google and other maps on CarPlay later this year. (Have to say I find this question / problem of how smartphone "ecosystems" are going to work on $5 or $6-digit car purchases - as opposed to $1k phones - is one of the most interesting things going on in tech now - no particular dog in this race, but fascinating. Are people really going to spend really serious money betting on short lifecycle phone screens or will the industry move to standards for installing any screen you or the next buyer of your car might like?)