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Apple's Phil Schiller Trolls Android for Being "Less Secure"


Oh, Phil Schiller…when will you learn? Android users don't care about how you see them. They're happy having phones that offer real multitasking, endless customization options and expandable memory (among many, many other benefits).

Anyway, Schiller is at it again – attempting to poke fun at Android owners for using a "less secure" OS. Schiller recently tweeted F-Secure's latest Mobile Threat Report which indicates that Android users are more likely to be targeted by malware than their iOS counterparts. The report, which we wrote about yesterday, shows that Android's "threat share" rose to 79% last year. 

But the problem with Schiller's tweet (and F-Secure's "scary" report) is that being infected by malware is still nearly unheard-of phenomenon among Android owners. Of course, mobile security apps would love it if you thought your phone could be infected at any given moment – then you'd download their app. But the truth is that if you read reviews, only download from trusted companies and make sure to read the permissions, your chances of accidentally downloading a malware-encrusted app are next to nil.

So take a chill pill, Schiller. No one wants to drink your Kool Aid. Us Android owners are just fine out here, and we don't need your patronizing Tweets to remind us not to download some random Russian app on Google Play with two zero star reviews and a laundry list of permissions. You can troll us all you want; we still don't want to buy an iPhone.

Source: The Verge


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  • Mallware is everywhere ... whatever Smart Phone you are using, if you are dumb enough to open an email and / or a text message & follow a link? Well, you've just been hacked / phished ...

  • Phil is just seeing people like me abandoning ios entirely. Apple propaganda and scare tactics don't work on me.

  • I have to agree with not trusting a SpaceGhost avatar; rather creepy. I wouldn't go so far as to call this trolling though, since being security-minded is a good thing. It isn't like Android fans have never poked fun at the walled garden folks. :-) Gotta wonder if this really is Phil Schiller though. With Twitter one really never knows...

  • @Phil Schiller......Let us get 1 thing straight......I would rather have an infected android than a clean iphone....Get it? END. OF. STORY.

  • Gio A. Mar 10, 2013 Link to comment

    I would never believe or thrust something that space ghost (check his pic out) says.

  • Couldn't have put it better myself. Though lets face it, these people wouldn't be tweeting about the Android OS if they really thought IOS was so superior. Also like you say all you have to do is be careful what you download & what permissions you grant. I say if you don't want to think about it that much get a crappy iphone.

  • so true