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Better battery life on Android: what can you live without?

We hear this complaint all the time. Heck, we make this complaint all the time: I wish my Android battery lasted longer. While it's fun to complain about things you can't do much about, we also spend a lot of time trying to come up with battery saving tips for you to get the most out of your battery. But the simple fact is that all the crazy technology and added features we expect to appear in our smartphones comes at a cost. But what if you could ditch the stuff you don't want?

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If you could magically delete certain features of your smartphone to improve its battery life, what would you choose to do without? I'd opt for a bare bones package with addable components: kind of like the Moto Maker program. In an ideal world I'd take a stock Android ROM with no bells and whistles and choose my battery capacity and camera setup myself. Extra software features could be added at a later date via the Play Store or an optional manufacturer update. But that's me: I want to know what could you live without! Desperate time call for desperate measures, so what could you sacrifice?

What could you live without for better battery life?
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Check out the Android devices with the best battery life on the market right now, and for a humorous take on the whole situation, take a walk down memory lane with us as we compare cell phones then and now to see if we're really all that much better off.

Is there anything that we missed? Just how far do you go to save battery life?


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  • H 9 Aug 4, 2014 Link to comment

    Why would I sacrifice some functionality for a longer battery life? Sure, I could have a phone that could only call and text while lasting a month, but what fun would that be? I'll buy a flip phone if I want that. It's better to have some of these features and never use them than to not have them when I need to use them. Battery life isn't worth lesser functionality.

  • One word, Franco! I love my N5, I've been through pretty much every phone and when the N5 came out, I was in. I always unlock and root, usually to change the ROM and/or xposed, with the N5, I just did xposed. My battery life was ok, usually I get the low battery around 12 - 13 hours of "normal" use. I've used Franco's kernel in the past, backed up and using my recovery put in Franco. It worked great, I'm getting at least 2 hours more, same daily use. I did a bit of tweaking from standard and I bought the app to support and use. There is also a nice color tool and it makes installing updates easier. Anyway, I did not give anything else up and got a nice battery boost.

  • None of it. I won't accept lesser functionality for a better battery life. There's no excuse to be otherwise.

  • Just give a try to greenify donation version... It will do wonders to your battery!!!