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CyanogenMod finalizes Android 4.3 ROM with CM 10.2.0 final release

CyanogenMod finalizes Android 4.3 ROM with CM 10.2.0 final release

The team at CyanogenMod have officially concluded the development process for CM 10.2, releasing the final version overnight. This means the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean code base ROM is at last complete and ready for install. If you're a fan of CyanogenMod but didn't want to bother with nightly builds and pesky bugs along the way, then this is the build you've been waiting for: it's as complete a version as you're going to get.

CyanogenMod finalizes their Android 4.3 ROM with CM 10.2.0. / © CyanogenMod

The CyanogenMod team will still provide hotfixes and security patches as they become necessary, but all in all the team will now be moving full steam ahead on CM 11 which is based on the Android 4.4 KitKat code base. There's already been some preliminary builds floating around of CM 11 for various devices like the Galaxy S2 and S4, but for obvious reasons there's still lots of work yet to be done. With the final release of CM 10.2, CyanogenMod can now give their undivided attention to the KitKat builds.

Any devices eligible for the RC1 build released two weeks ago are also supported for the final build version, so if you have any questions on compatibility, please head on over to CyanogenMod's site to ask any support questions.

Are you going to install CM 10.2 on your Android? What do you like best about CyanogenMod ROMs?

Source: CyanogenMod

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  • D.M Jan 30, 2014 Link to comment

    Hi guys!
    I had a cm-10.1.3-RC1 version on my HTC ONE X and i would like to uprade the new version,10.2.0 . I did this and then my phone has been installing 4 hours.... it is normally?

  • Thank you so much @Kris Carlon, you fully answered my question :)

  • I am running KitKat build on my Galaxy S4 T-Mobile. I have been running custom roms since the OG Droid days. The first thing I do when I get a new phone is root. TouchWiz so bogs down the phone. I usually try out different roms until I find a keeper that has the features that I am looking for. I was trying out CyanogenMod KitKat builds last week.

  • or M snapshot?

  • I'm confused, which on should I install, Nightly, Experiment, RC, or Stable ? and what is the differences between them?

    • Hi @Osama, it depends on how willing you are to put up with bugs, glitches and crashes. Crazy hardcore types who are dying to know what CM did THAT DAY will go for nightly builds. But these come out every day and are often very buggy and unstable. As you work your way through the list they get more stable and ''release-worthy''. Milestone (M) builds are key points in the firmware where things are working mostly right, release candidates (RC) are close to ready (but users may still find things that need fixing) and Stable is when things move on to other things (like the next ROM code base, in this case, KitKat). Stable builds still get updated for security patches etc but the major work is over and done with. This means they are as good as a custom ROM is going to get, and as close to an ''official'' ROM from Google or a manufacturer/carrier.

    • If your not used to working around bugs then I would use Stable. Nightly are usually not to bad.RC could have some bugs to. I usually run the Nightly version but that means re installing every few days to keep up with the builds.

  • they have a great stock feel whilst offering enhancements that I miss when I jump back to 'standard android'.

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