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First Pixel 3a owners complain about failures
Google Pixel 3a Hardware 2 min read No comments

First Pixel 3a owners complain about failures

Again and again trouble with the new Pxels. The first complaints have also begun about the new Google Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL. Users complain about accidental crashes and puzzle over their cause. Furthermore, a YouTuber and dozens of her fans discovered crooked USB ports on their Pixels. What the hell's going on?

The benchmark for the Pixel 3a is not as high as for the standard Pixel 3, which still costs almost $800, due to the significantly fairer price of around $400. Nevertheless, the Google smartphone should at least work; after all, the model device should not stand out due to broken software for all other manufacturers of Android smartphones.

Now several users and supposed Pixel-3a/XL owners complain on Reddit that their new smartphones suddenly switch off. The connection, how it comes to this, is still being puzzled.

  • Many, but not all, of those affected purchased the device from the US provider T-Mobile and were able to reproduce the error even after it had been replaced with a replacement device.
  • Some were able to reproduce the error even in safe mode, i.e. exclude a subsequently installed app as the cause.
  • In a few cases, the crashes did not occur when the Wi-Fi was deactivated.

Also the processing shows small defects

YouTuber Erica Griffin, on the other hand, encountered a hardware or processing problem with Pixel 3a. The blemish is a crooked built-in USB port. According to several user reports, the type C connection on the underside is just as or similarly crooked as the influencer's.

While this is more of a cosmetic ailment - after all, all connections are obviously electrically okay - victims of the software problem described above give back their expensive Pixels in droves.

Where do you draw the line when buying a smartphone? When do you return your device to the dealer and want a replacement? Share with us your story in the comments.

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