QuintessArt for Android - Virtual Museum/Art Gallery

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Sep 3, 2011 1:45:43 AM via Website


The ad supported version of the app is now available on AndroidPit market here: http://www.androidpit.com/en/android/market/apps/app/com.masterdevx.quintessart_ads/QuintessArt-Virtual-Museum

Main features:
✔ 2500 high resolution masterpieces, 36 painters, 14 movements: 1300 Mb available data at your fingertips !
✔ Galleries per museums/countries/painters/movements/keywords
✔ Set as wallpaper
✔ Zoom to see details
✔ Slideshow
✔ Search+refine with multiple queries (e.g. "portr&186c.im" for "Impressionnist portraits in 60's" :-) )
✔ voice search
✔ Instant Search: see paintings as you type !
✔ Voice synthesis
✔ Suggestions to discover new related paintings
✔ Bookmarks, notes, tags
✔ Share [paintings, bookmarks, notes] with paintings in multiple attachment via gmail/facebook/twitter/picasa/pixelpipe/"Augment" apps...
✔ See trending paintings with "Top Bookmarked/Downloaded/viewed/Real-time downloaded" masterpieces
✔ Shuffle to see random paintings in gallery
✔ Shake your phone in gallery, bend it to automatically slide
✔ Games integrated: Quiz & "Find the Intruder"
✔ Art Events, bookmark/share & add to calendar
✔ Connect to Art print sites (Allposters/EasyArt...) to directly order the framed masterpiece

...and more coming soon :-)

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Sep 13, 2011 10:29:07 AM via Website


New interface for discovering paintings like in QuintessArt available for your browser ... and your mobile device !
Current features:
-random paintings
-search for paintings by typing a few letters/digits from title/painter/year/location/museum/city/country
-random keyword suggestion
-paintings suggestions for your search results
-... a 3D wall with cooliris feature (nice in fullscreen mode)

Take a look at: http://gallery.quintessart.com

Save these paintings in "quintessart/mdpi" folder on your memory card to have them for QuintessArt Android app in offline mode ;-)

Enjoy with QuintessArt
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Oct 26, 2011 12:55:37 PM via Website


A new version of QuintessArt (v;2.5.12) is available in the AndroidPit market : com.masterdevx.quintessart_ads
A big improvement and new features !

See our other apps here: http://download.quintessart.com/apps and the web gallery http://gallery.quintessart.com

Some screenshot below for the new release (changelogs after):

V. 2.5.12

-extrememely fast
-integrated database (no need to download it)
-new download interface and new feature for thumbnails (manual, automatic, update or retrieve all at once)
-new design

In gallery:
-new feature for "related paintings" painter/suggestions/museum: see other paintings of this painter and suggestions for thiss painting or see available paintings for this museum
-copy text from description (long click)
-long click on star icon to bookmark/unbookmark all paintings of gallery
-new little thumbnail indicator of saved position
-links: youtube

Intruder game:
-new design
-click on painter name to change painter and long click to see his paintings in gallery tab

And also...
-web version for any device: http://gallery.quintessart.com
-data archive for offline use: http://download.quintessart.com/archives