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May 12, 2013 6:21:09 PM via Website

Hello all

I am the person who came up with the idea of TravelHaloapp. TravelHaloapp is a texting while driving preventive app. It uses gps to create a mph. The creator has the ability to set the mph. Once the mph is hit the phone automatically goes in to airplane mode rendering it unusuable. It then sends a text message to the admin or the parent reporting that TravelHalo has been activated it gives a general mph avg and also offers a password to override it for whatever reason. It has a reporter if the app is uninstalled. I came up with this idea and got a team of investors together to fund development with a company in Florida. I also have a few helping with sales and marketing. We set up a LLC and have a provisional patten on it now. We have it set up so the download is free and user enters their credit card and it is free for 30 days and the the card holder would be charged 9.99 on a yearly bases. The app has no avertisers on it right now but I would love it in the future. We have been on google play since Oct and unfortunately have roughly 300 downloads with about only 20 suscribers and half of that is my investors lol. I feel this app is very important for students, parent, people in the transportation field everybody. I feel im failing i am very green with the whole thing. Any advice, any help to take the app all over the world would be greatly appreciated. Marketing help or ANYTHING!!!!!!!

David Grant
CEO TravelHaloapp LLC