Samsung Galaxy S3 — Galaxy S3 as a console?!

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Feb 7, 2014 12:44:41 PM via Website

I have been snooping around the net, like 6 days now. With the mission of getting the perfect gaming setup for my S3.
The mission is absolutely clear. Make something and buy the rest, and run my S3 stock non-rooted.

For the connectors/cables:
I actually thought about getting the Samsung multimedia Note2 dock. As it contains both hdmi and usb plus charging ports.
Then I discovered that some kind of third party manufacturer have released their S3 specific dock.
Both are extremely expensive, for what they can do. And on the other hand. Mhl and usb-otg combined.
That takes a lot of components, yet the otg-y cable have some extra resistor in it.
I looked for cheap cable sollutions of the dock-sollution, and found.... Nothing.

I now have 3 choices:
1: The samsung allcast share hdmi-box, and usb-otg cable.
2: The samsung note2 multimedia dock.
3: I go for a mhl cable, and bluetooth keyboard, bluetooth mouse and bluetooth controller.

The last option is the most appealing one to me. Because of the total cost versus useabillity.
Bluetooth keyboard and mouse would work great. As pr. default.
The biggest issue here, are how to connect a controller, and wich one?
Xbox, Playstation, generic? Well....

In playstore, I can download a free app. Wich will allow me to use a Wii controller without root.
That sucks by the way. Have tried and it works bad.... Really bad. Some buttons are useless.
Xbox and ps3 then? Have to root, they say. Generic bluetooth? I actually do not know.
Anyway.... I read a great number of articles, on why Ps3 controllers do require root access.
For what I can see, it is some sort of bluetooth pairing pin number plus some sort of signal,
send through the wire, that is a requirement for pairing a Ps3 controller.
And of course some sort of layer in android, that needs to be accesed with root access.

I was about to give up, when i discovered that sony should have native support for Ps3 controller.
Well... On some of their devices. And I stumbled on an article then two, on how to do this
without root access.

They both state, that you should first connect the controller, using wired connection.
Play an emulator or a game for a while, or at least a minnute.
Then turn on bluetooth, and after that disconnect the Ps3 usb cable.
It should be mentioned, that this is Ps3 controller, not Xbox.
If this procedure really works, then I go for the mhl cable.

If I then should upgrade my gaming setup, the I would go for one of the other sollutions.
The main question is, were I like my wires?

Now... For the diy part:
I could buy parts. Yet, I have discovered, that I am only cabable of creating an otg cable.
The one without charging port that is.
It is simple actually. You just connect the black wire to ground on mini-usb. (or the one wich goes into the phone)
Otg-Y, forget it. I am really afraid that I will hurt my phone.
Other than that, I have found a diagram, for a mhl combined with otg-y cable.
Again. My trusty S3 is my daily driver, and I have no way of testing without being afraid of frying my phone.

The articles on how to connect Ps3 controllers via bluetooth and without root.
I still do not know if it will work, because I do not have a Ps3 controller.
I must find a friend that have a Ps3.

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