How do I turn off auto-updating without using Google Play?

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Dec 2, 2015 5:56:05 AM via Website

Google's suddenly decided to start auto-updating my entire app collection after I specified over a year and a half ago to never, ever do this. I had to shut off Play Services to stop it, but now it looks like I have to turn it back on in order to access the option to turn off auto-updating again. In other words, a large chunk of my apps would have to updated in order to turn off said auto-updating.

I can't allow the updating because my S5 has very little internal storage remaining, and also because I could lose crucial data and functionality in some of the apps I rely on. But I also need an Android market that won't infect the device, so sideloading isn't an option for me by any means.

Is there ANY way to shut off auto-updating for my Google account without going through the Google Play app or turning on Play Services? I already tried the website; I didn't see the option anywhere, unless I missed it.


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Dec 7, 2015 11:33:34 AM via Website

Once you open the Google Play Store you’re going to head into the settings panel to make the necessary changes. This can be done by selecting the dedicated menu button on your Android device (or the 3 dots in the upper corner if you have on-screen keys) and then selecting Settings. From here you’ll want to select the third option down titled Auto-update apps, as shown in the image below for your viewing pleasure.


Once you select the Auto-update apps from the menu shown above, you’ll be greeted with a pop-up of three different options. Those being Do Not Auto-update apps, Auto-update apps at any time. Data charges may apply, and Auto-update apps on WiFi only. This is where you’ll choose to completely stop auto-updates.

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Feb 2, 2016 3:21:32 PM via Website

You can do all operations in instruction given above without internet connection. Just turn on Airplane Mode on your device and apps will not be updated.