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Galaxy S4 to get re-released in Black Edition with Note 3 case

In a surprisingly twisted and not-very-exciting move, the Samsung Galaxy S4 and S4 mini are to be re-released as a Black Edition with all of the same specs we've come to yawn about over the last year but with the peculiar addition of the awful fake leather, I mean, plastic-made-to-look-like-fake-leather, rear battery case that we all hated on the Note 3. Sure, it's not really all that bad, but why re-release a phone that's almost a year old with the same specs just before the new model comes out?

The same Galaxy S4 you know and love with a fake leather plastic rear case. / © Samsung

It seems Samsung are taking their love of plastic fakeness even further than the Note 3 and new Tab Pro series and are trying to rebrand even their existing handsets with the tacky look. When you actually use the Note 3 it's perhaps not as noticeable as you might think, but still, it's a pretty tacky decision for what is basically the best Android device on the market right now. One might think that the near-universal scorn of the faux leather backing would be enough for Samsung to write it off as a bad idea, but this is Samsung we're talking about.

galaxy s4 mini black edition
The Galaxy S34 mini is also getting the fake leather backing treatment. / © Samsung

So the Galaxy S4 and S4 mini look to be re-released with the plastic back plate initially in Russia in February and then in other markets with all the same hardware that we have known for almost a year. The most surprising thing of all is that the re-released S4's will actually be priced marginally higher than the original versions. Samsung will reportedly not be making the new rear cover to be sold separately. Let's just pray that Samsung doesn't slap this abomination on the back of the Galaxy S5 when we hopefully see it at the end of February. If Samsung is aiming for a super premium feel, this is not the way to achieve it.

Do you like the material choices Samsung makes? Would you buy a year-old phone just because it has a new rear cover?

Via: GSM Arena Source: Samsung Russia


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  • So you can read my mind?  "rear battery case that we all hated on the Note 3" I see no problem with their innovation to do away with shiny fingerprint cases making it possible to no have to buy some rubber cover most likely adorned on your iPhone 3 or whatever antique device you're borrowing seeing how ALL you do is talk down about products at are most likely out of reach. Did I read you right? Maybe I'm wrong like your attempt at bashing Samsung telling anyone and everyone who can laugh at a bum because of how silly they sound playing pretend telepathy.

    • Hey Kirk, not pretending to read anyone's mind, just reporting an opinion that happens to be shared by a lot of other people. The general reception of the faux leather backing was negative so I'm not exactly alone. But as I said, it's not actually all that bad in the hand, but plastic pretending to be leather comes across as cheap (in my opinion). If you disagree that's totally cool. Of course, if I loved it and said so, then I'd get attacked for not hating it by everyone who doesn't like it. You can't please everyone and part of my job is to have an opinion.

  • Would actually be way more cool if there would be real leather too. As a second option beside the faux one.

  • My dad got the Note 3 for a cheap price, and I honestly love the faux leather. Sure, it might not be real, but to me, it has a hell of a lot better feel than the plastic, not that I hated it. Just made the high end phone feel high end. Most people I know liked it more than the original S4 too, so idk where you're gettin all that hate for the faux leather.

  • Forgot to mention, that i personally love the faux leather feel. I have a cover on my S3 wich is made from tpu plastic. Then I have a non slippery phone and a "got rid" of the glossy, slippery and annoying samsung feel.

  • Well..... Make a device. Make a mini edition. Release the original again, just to squize the last bit of juice out. A shareholders dream on how to make money. I'll stick to my S3 untill it dies. Then perhaps a HTC one if it is still around. Just to for the kicks of getting a different system.

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