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Google and Amazon want to know how much power you consume
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Google and Amazon want to know how much power you consume

Few things escape Google and Amazon. If they didn't have enough to enter our homes with all kinds of smart home gadgets, they now want to know how big is your electricity bill, a first step for entry into the electrical sector. Data, data and more data.

For now, the two tech giants are not interested in setting up a power company to provide the electricity for your home (I repeat, for now), but rather their eagerness to collect data, according to The Wall Street Journal. Knowing the electrical consumption of your home, they could better optimize their products. They need to know your preferences and habits to get an idea of the market, and find the perfect product for you.

The smart home market continues to grow, and will do so exponentially in the coming years. These two companies are already well positioned in the sector (let's not forget their entire range of connected smart speakers), but they want to go further.

amazon echo 16
Amazon speakers are now part of our daily lives / © AndroidPIT

At the moment Google already has Nest Labs, a company specialized in smart thermostats, controlled through your smartphone. The use of these thermostats, with which it is possible to save a lot of energy, could be further optimized if they know your preferences and consumption peaks.

Amazon, for its part, acquired Ring, the bell company that, for example, makes it possible for its deliverymen to enter your house to leave your package if you are not there (with your permission, of course). In addition, it has launched Amazon Home Services, designed to turn your home into a smart home.

As I said at the beginning, these two giants do not intend to distribute energy today, but rumours suggest that they will do so in the future. It has been David Crane, former chief executive of NRG Nergy, who has affirmed that in a period of 10 or 20 years, the main electrical companies in the US will be Google and Amazon.

And you, would you contract electricity to Amazon or Google?


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  • One of them can buy California's PG&E, which has just declared bankruptcy to escape liability for the recent mega-fires.

  • Mike 4 months ago Link to comment

    Big brother has arrived. He will take care of all our needs. hang on to your wallet