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Google's Pixel XL to replace defective Nexus 6P handsets
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Google's Pixel XL to replace defective Nexus 6P handsets

Google’s Nexus 6P is a solid smartphone in many aspects, but there is a small segment of Nexus 6P owners who have been negatively affected by one particular bugbear: a battery that performs poorly. In fact, certain Nexus 6P handsets actually shut themselves down even when the battery life still has one third left to go. That is simply not cool at all.

Naturally, disenchanted owners of the Nexus 6P (after trying out all of the battery tips) are not too happy with what was deemed to be the best Nexus handset when it was released at the end of 2015. We are glad to say that Google has looked into the matter for at least one person, and intends to resolve it with smiles all around by offering the Pixel XL smartphone as a replacement unit. This is a step in the right direction for Google when it comes to customer service for this particular Nexus 6P owner, as the Pixel XL is a handset that is one generation newer than the Nexus 6P, meaning it has more recent hardware - leading to a longer time before the monster of obsolescence rears its ugly head.

Android Police reported that a conversation with a Google chat representative concerning the frustration with a Nexus 6P’s unstable battery led to a pleasant surprise. All that the person needed to do was to purchase a 32GB Black Pixel XL using a provided email link, where the person’s credit card was charged for a temporary period of time. In the email, the Nexus 6P’s return label was also provided, allowing the person to ship back the defective handset upon receiving the Pixel XL, an act which will then reverse the aforementioned credit card charge.

AndroidPIT Nexus 6P battery tips 7
Some Nexus 6P handsets have seen battery issues. / © ANDROIDPIT

Do take note that the affected owner was not part of the Nexus Protect program, and the Nexus 6P in question was already out of warranty. We understand that this could be a one-off experience, so don't expect similar treatment if you are in the same boat.

This is pretty excellent customer service on Google’s part since many of us probably didn’t purchase Nexus Protect and bought the device on the day it was released so it will be well out of warranty by now. So far, another Nexus 6P owner who had similar battery issues with the handset still under warranty, received a refurbished Nexus 6P instead of a sleeker Pixel XL after getting in touch with Google’s support service. Another person with a Nexus 6P had better luck, picking up a 128GB Pixel XL - although this person was on Nexus Protect.

What’s your story if you are an affected Nexus 6P owner after getting in touch with Google’s chat support?

Source: Phandroid


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  • If purchased from a third party not google. It would have to be out of warranty for google to replace it. I purchased my phone from best buy so I will have to send it to huawei for a battery replacement. I would rather get the pixel

  • I have a defective 6P which I purchased from the play store (UK) when it was released and after a year the battery started draining really really quickly, then another few months of that the battery shut down at 27% after having 3 hours of life from full charge. I contacted Google today and they are sending me a replacement 6P (which isn't what I'd hoped for (haha), but it's certainly better than nothing. Currently using a Xiaomi Redmi 4X for the insane battery life. It's 6pm and has just ticked down to 85% while typing this.

  • I can confirm this. I called about my 6p because of the battery issue and my 6p was way out of warranty. They gave me a pixel XL that was 32 gb for free. I didn't have Nexus protect or anything.

  • I swear this article is about me! Were you listening to my phone call