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How to hard reset the HTC One

The HTC One is a beautiful phone. But it's getting a little long in the tooth so an occasional factory reset does it good. As with all Android phones, the exact process is unique to HTC devices. We'll show you two methods for resetting the HTC One, with hardware buttons or through the settings menu.

AndroidPIT HTC One Hard Reset
A regular factory reset is a great thing. So is a fresh HTC One. / © ANDROIDPIT

Hard reset HTC One: settings menu

Like all Android devices, you can perform a factory reset from the settings menu of your HTC One. Simply hit the Settings icon, scroll down until you see Backup & Reset, then at the bottom of the next screen, tap Reset Phone. You will be shown everything you will lose upon performing the reset. If you have backed up your important data and wish to proceed, tap OK and then confirm your choice. Your HTC One will now reset itself and restart with all of your data wiped.

AndroidPIT HTC One Factory Reset 1
AndroidPIT HTC One Factory Reset 2
The settings menu lets you do a reset the easy way. / © ANDROIDPIT

Hard reset HTC One: hardware buttons

If there's a problem with your screen or you're otherwise unable to do a factory reset via the settings menu, then you can use the hardware buttons to do a reset too. Simply turn your HTC One off, then press and hold the Volume Down and Power buttons. Continue to hold them until you enter the H Boot screen.

AndroidPIT HTC One Factory Reset HBoot
This is H Boot, use the volume keys to highlight your choice and Power button to confirm. / © ANDROIDPIT

From here, simply use the volume keys to scroll down to Factory Reset and hit the Power button to confirm. Be warned though, there is no last minute warning, so as soon as you hit Power your phone will reboot and restore factory default settings.

Do you still love your HTC One? How often do you do a reset?


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  • I want to give my beloved HTC One M7 to a family member, and cannot turn off the phone! Did a factory reset, and maybe I am expecting something different - Help! It is on the htc One screen.

  • Please help me I did factory settings of your phone and delete all my files , I can not bring them back , I drive them on google and I did not save them anywhere ... Is there a way to get back at least photos because I'm desperate ..

  • I just inherited-ish an HTC ONE, (not sure which model). I did the setting reset, and i got to the go to ATT site to finish, but i wasn't around wi-fi, so I canceled it, thinking I would do it tomorrow. however I am stuck with a black screen now. When I try it now with the buttons, I'm still getting black screen. any suggestions?

  • Super Stable, I can't find any bug in 9 months usage, exept the one related to keyboard which I did not face it since last update in 2 months ago. (keyboard update via Play Store).

  • mike Aug 23, 2014 Link to comment

    had to reset due to a crash. phone wouldnt do anything. other then that a great phone

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