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How to fix a phone that won't charge properly

How to fix a phone that won't charge properly

If your battery isn't charging properly, don't immediately assume your phone charger or your battery is broken. Based on personal experience, the problem - and solution - may be much simpler than you think. If your phone or tablet isn't charging properly or at all, take a look at these 12 ways to fix a phone that won't charge.

Why a phone doesn't charge

The problem occurs in various degrees. Either your phone won't charge at all when it is plugged in, or it will only charge very slowly (sometimes barely faster than it is discharging). It’s a very common complaint, so here are a few solutions. Most charging problems are related to your USB cable or charger, or even the port itself.

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  1. DIY USB port fix
  2. Remove lint, candy and dust
  3. Switch cables
  4. Diagnose a dodgy adapter
  5. Remember – safety first
  6. Replace the battery
  7. Charge from the right source
  8. Update or roll back
  9. Switch it off
  10. Calibrate your battery
  11. Check your battery pack's voltage and amperage
  12. What about water damage?

1. Do-It-Yourself USB port fix

The quickest, easiest, and often most successful solution, is to do a little DIY repair on your actual hardware. The problem is often that the metallic surfaces inside the USB port and the microUSB charger are not making good contact, either through a manufacturing defect or because of the continual plugging and unplugging of the charging cable. 

All you need to do is shut down your device, remove the battery if possible and use something small, such as a toothpick, to 'lever up' the little tab inside the USB port on your smartphone or tablet. Do so very carefully and gently, then reinsert your battery and plug it in again. Nine times out of ten this is all that is required.

AndroidPIT elephone p9000 1164
Check the 'tab' inside your device's USB port – the cable may not be making contact properly. / © AndroidPIT

2.  Remove lint, candy and dust

Do you keep your phone in the pocket of your jeans? If so, lint could be the culprit: we've lost track of the number of times the reason for unreliable USB charging turned out to be lint from the pocket of our Levis.

We've seen phones with charging ports choked with chocolate after they were chucked in a handbag alongside a packet of sweets. A can of compressed air can blow out the offending irritants and get your USB connection back to normal. 

AndroidPIT LG G3 8
Clear any gunk that might be clogging your phone's ports. / © AndroidPIT

3. Switch cables

The flimsiest part of a charger is the cable, not the adapter that plugs into the wall socket. Apple users are particularly vulnerable here because Apple's proprietary (and expensive) Lightning cables appear to have a life expectancy of around 15 minutes. But all cables have a tough life, and endless flexing and curling can take its toll. Substituting a random USB cable for the one that came with your phone is another shortcut to an unenjoyable charging experience.

The easiest way to diagnose a faulty cable is to try a different one and see if that works properly with your device. If it does, you know the original cable was at fault. If it doesn't, that's another potential villain we've ruled out.

androidpit USB 1
Cables are easily damaged. Apple Lightning ones especially so. / © AndroidPIT

4. Diagnose a dodgy adapter

If the cable doesn't seem to be the problem, check the wall plug adapter – especially if it's one where the charging cable can be removed. We've encountered issues in multiple chargers where the USB port becomes a little loose after endlessly plugging in and unplugging the cable.

Also check whether the same charger/cable combination works on a different device because this will help you eliminate the possibility that it is your device at fault, rather than the cable or charger. You should also make sure there isn't a problem with your wall socket.

5. Remember – safety first

Don't charge your phone near water or in excessively hot or humid conditions. Also, if you're replacing a charger or cable, be wary: the internet is stuffed with reports of cheap third-party chargers that went bang in the middle of the night or turned smartphones into toast. As with any electrical equipment, make sure that anything you buy complies with all the relevant safety standards. 

To give you an idea of how much energy is stored in your battery, check this video out (but don't try it at home).

A previous version of this article warned users of charging devices overnight, but I want to clarify that this is not because you can overcharge your device. Modern smartphones have measures in place to prevent damage when batteries continue to be charged at 100 percent capacity.

That said, charging a battery does generate heat and, if a smartphone is in a tight space – like under a pillow or inside a case – there is a chance it could become too hot. Essentially, if you're going to charge your phone overnight, just make sure it's out in a safe place.

6. Replace the battery

Batteries don't last forever, and after a couple of years, they start to struggle to hold a charge. The more often you discharge and recharge them, the sooner they'll need replacing. If your battery's busted after just six months, it's probably faulty and you should make a warranty claim for a free replacement, but if the battery's older than two years, it's probably approaching the end of its lifespan.

Some defective batteries are easy to spot because they start to bulge or leak fluid. If nothing like that is obvious from the outside, remove your device's cover and inspect the battery (if you can; some devices have sealed battery compartments).

If the cover doesn't come off, you could try laying the device on its back and spinning it. A bulging battery will deform the case – you might not be able to see this bulge, but it might be enough to allow your phone to spin. If you suspect your battery might be swollen or leaking, get your phone to a repair shop and buy a reputable replacement.

ANDROIDPIT battery 1
If you are going to replace your battery, try to purchase an official one. / © ANDROIDPIT

7. Charge from the right source

Charging from a wall socket will always be faster than charging via PC or laptop, because computers' USB ports don't deliver very much power.

A wall socket can deliver twice as much power as a USB port, and fast chargers it can deliver as much as five times the power – which means much, much faster charging. So if your phone is charging slowly and you're connected to a laptop: there's your problem.

If your wall charger doesn't appear to be delivering the goods, check that it's appropriate for your device. A charger from another phone might not deliver the right amount of juice — for example, a charger for a Bluetooth headset won't put out as much power as one designed specifically for smartphones.

In the case of recent high-end phones, you might have a phone that supports fast charging but a charger that doesn't deliver it. Read the fine print.

androidpit usb smartphone pc 3
Your desktop or laptop can't charge your Android as fast as a wall socket. / © AndroidPIT

8. Update or roll back

Software updates and new Android versions can wreak havoc with your battery life, especially when upgrading an old device to current software. Newer devices are often optimized to take advantage of the latest software, whereas a two-year-old device can struggle when it gets updated.

If this happens to you and you can't troubleshoot the problem, consider rolling the device back to an earlier Android version, though be warned that this carries security risks. The latest software versions are always recommended to keep your device protected, and while the risk of keeping your smartphone on an older version is often negligible, it’s worth noting.

Similarly, sometimes device battery life can be significantly improved by an update, so if you think you might be way behind on your Android software version, head to Settings > About phone to check for an update.

Androidpit System update Nexus 6P 2
Keep your Android version up to date (or roll back to a previous version if really necessary). / © AndroidPIT

9. Switch it off

Using battery-intensive apps/features while you are charging your device will affect how quickly it gains battery life. If you are charging while Skyping somebody at 100 percent brightness, the device will naturally take longer to charge than it would with its screen, Wi-Fi and 4G turned off.

Switch the device to airplane mode, or off completely, when you are charging if you want to see the fastest energy injection. Think of it making your device take a power nap.

10. Calibrate your battery

Sometimes the battery level your device 'thinks' it's at is wrong. The effect of this is that your phone may function differently, including limiting performance before it needs to or taking an hour to chew through the last two percent of battery.

We’ve already written an extensive guide on how to calibrate your smartphone battery, so I won’t retype it all here, but this is a thing to try before completely ditching your defunct power pack.

ANDROIDPIT battery 5
Battery calibration can be another effective means of fixing charge problems. / © AndroidPIT

11. Check your battery pack's voltage and amperage

This tip was pointed out in the comments below by Patrick and it can help you quickly identify a defective cable.

Download the free Amperage app from the link below and open it. Now, connect your charger and the interface should go green and the text at the top should say "measuring". If you don't see this, or nothing happens, it means there is no current going to your device.

If it identifies a current, the app will now show the charging statistics for that charger, including the minimum and maximum load levels (in milliamps), voltage and maximum current. This is also a great way to find out which of your chargers is performing best.

Try connecting the different charge packs you own, including portable battery packs, to see which has the highest maximum charge value, or the highest average (the app makes it fairly easy to get an idea of this). It's not an exact measurement but it's an indication if nothing else and the app is completely free.

androidpit battery tips ampere
The number in the top middle represents the current charge speeds: the charger used in the left screenshot isn't going to charge a device as fast as the one used on the right. / © AndroidPIT

12. What about water damage?

A number of people in the comments asked about battery problems caused by water damage. If your phone fails to charge after falling in water you don't have many options: your best bet is to try and replace the battery – if that's even possible.

You should, however, try to prevent this from ever happening. Read our article explaining what to do when you drop your phone in water to find out the first steps you should take when trying to rescue it.

AndroidPIT samsung galaxy s7 water active
Dropped your phone in water? If the battery is removable, take it out immediately and pat it dry with a towel. / © AndroidPIT

If all else fails, double-check that you have the power point switched on. That is the first thing they will ask you if you call your manufacturer for help, which might need to be your next step if none of these solutions has worked for you.

Have you suffered from a smartphone that won't charge properly? Let us know if you've found a fix that we haven't mentioned here in the comments.

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  • aysoo 1 month ago Link to comment

    my phone isn't charging,now its 0% and when i charge it, it shows a sign that its charging but its not. what do i do?

  • The small metal bar that the charge cable fits onto is broken. I have tried moving it into the middle space more, so my charge can take it, can't be done. What now??

  • I think you should change the charger or check the data cable sometimes charger is good but data cable damaged or something infacted so it might be possible.

  • Actually as hinted at in the article Ampere app, though useful for some things, does not actually monitor amp flow into the phone. To do that buy (for very cheap on ebay) an inline USB amp reader. Its a small gadget that you put between the plugin adapter and the USB charging cable. Reads volts and amps in red and blue digital numbers. Great for testing effectiveness of ALL your combination scenarios - plugs, cables, outlets and devices... and its accurate. You'll be addicted...

  • ohno 6 months ago Link to comment

    EVERYTHING I DO IT ISN'T WORKING i don't have a can of compressed air because i thinked it will fix it because i see dust near it,i try booting it up it can't because is ran out of battery I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO HELP!!!!!!!

  • My LG K20 V refused to charge for first time despite trying four different USB cables. Turned phone off (thinking to reboot it), then connected a USB cable, and it started charging again.

  • The first tip worked for me. I couldn't get the micro USB into my tablet. So I took a small, actually tiny tool and lifted up the little tab. There was some metallic looking thing, like aluminum foil stuck in there.

  • Hmm, haven't tried any yet but my phone only accepts the charger that came with it, any other charger it tolerates for a second then ignores it, and will continue to when unplugged and plugged back in. The only way to make it tolerate it for another second is power it off and back on. Only seems (not sure) to have happened after I went on a road trip, haven't come home yet so not sure if it works back at home. Any ideas? Or is my phone a whiny piece of scrap metal? It's not too old, but cheaper. If this helps, it's a Samsung J3 V.

  • Nabi S Mar 15, 2019 Link to comment

    Fix 1 worked for me, you're a lifesaver~ Thanks!

  • Thank you so much! This is the first time I have had issues with a phone not charging and this worked perfect!

  • ps - i LOVE fixing stuff myself, so thanks again :) ROCK ON

  • Thank you! This is the most comprehensive article I could find online and after diagnosing a dud battery, have replaced with £7 for a new one from eBay - there are a LOT of replacement batteries for sale on eBay alone, so I suspect this is a very common problem.


  • As it turns out there's one more solution. Tested out the cables, adapters, outlets. Even tested on another phone and everything was fine. I also used Ampere app and it was recognizing that I had plugged in the charger, but would just say not charging. It was getting to the point that I had to push very hard to make a connection. And that only worked a handful of times. So I called support and they immediately suggested clearing the cache (after I told them I troubleshooted a bunch of stuff). Worked like a charm, plugged the cable in like when I first got the phone and it charged immediately.
    For those that are not aware how, for the oneplus 5
    press power and volume down until the phone turns on
    select english
    select wipe cache and data
    select wipe cache
    select reboot


  • Thanks for your help, I was starting to think my phone was on its last legs! At first I just cleaned the USB port with a toothpick but it didnt help. As a last resort I tried a squirt of Servisol switch cleaner into the USB port, brushed with a soft brush then left it to evaporate for an hour or two before replacing the battery. It now works great. As I dabbed the excess away with tissue, a lot of dirt came out! Poking round must not have been enough.

  • Alvin Sep 14, 2018 Link to comment

    I use the ampere app its say plugged usb but status not charging. I know its not the charger because it works on my other phone

  • USB after being in use dor some time are not reliable, obviously you have to buy or a new phone or send it for repairs. That problem didnt exist before with other ports. Why not separate the USB funtions for charging in a separate port to malike jack audio and that is all

  • omg! the toothpick to the usb port works, phone came on immediately ty ever so much..was worried as my lg g vista 2 battery are defunct now

  • I live in an old house in near Boston. The house is absolutely ancient. Most of the outlets only have two slots not the grounding hole. It does make a huge difference what kind of power the electrical outlet you're using has. I have two laptops and two phones and my older phone simply won't charge but it at least I got it to 8% when I put it into an outlet directly behind the washing machine or directly behind the stove. Both of those Outlets we know has plenty of power going to it. It's really frustrating in an old house.

  • I had this problem, but I restored my phone battery to make it like new again. There’s a new way called EZbattery (www.EZbattery.info) to bring nearly any type of old battery back to life so it’s just like new again. This method works with nearly every type of battery out there ...and it’s simple and quick. In case you’re wondering, you’ll be able to bring car, phone, and laptop batteries back to life with this. It even works with solar/off-grid, marine, golf cart, and forklift batteries. Plus, many more!

  • Thank you. Just done the USB port fix and it is charging OK now

  • Thanks for #11 re an app for testing chargers: like many I've got a collection of them from current and former devices as well as one in the car dash, and trying to assess device compatibility is a mug's game. (The app listed here doesn't work on the Android J tablet I still use in the car, and another one does.)

  • I just read some articles that putting your phone in rice is a myth and a bad idea, that it doesn't really do anything useful and that if the rice does absorb any of the moisture it can get sticky and gum up the phone's orifices. (Orifices? I guess....) Anyway, I hate the internet when it does this to me.

    • I had a successful rice immersion on a bricked MP3 player after caught running with it by a sudden thunderstorm - it took five days. Rice didn't get into the charger port or the 3.5mm headphone jack - just took longer than I'd expected. I wouldn't hesitate to try it on a soaked phone that is otherwise unusable.

      The other thing I've used successfully for decades with various electronics is electrical contact spray (non-lubricant, non-residue, $5 to $10 at hardware stores) that dries and cleans contacts - kept several aging VCR internals, control knobs and spilled-upon PC keyboards going with that.

  • I have a Senwa phone we bought and use in Mexico. After not used for one year it would not charge. I thought we might have to replace it. After manipulating the micro usb, it works perfectly,
    Thanks a bunch and Happy 2018.

  • didn worked for me i tried so many things changing USB cables my charger from my broken tablet its worked ftom my tablet charger but original charger nothing

    original charger : 1 hour = 3%
    my tablet charger : so fast

    i used my while charging :(

  • Worked instantly thanks for they great suggestion keep it up!!

  • Somewhat off topic, sorry. I noticed my Samsung SMG730V was running out of charge mid-day even if not being used (on, but not doing more than that). It was charging to 90% or so. I took it to a local Verizon store (franchise, not actually Verizon). The manager told me I needed a new phone, that this phone wasn't capable of handling all the new apps. But I didn't really have any new apps. I went home, thought a little bit, opened the unit, took out the battery, put the battery back in. I changed NOTHING. Didn't move or scrape contacts. Just took battery out, put it back in. Problem solved.

  • Sunil Sep 13, 2017 Link to comment

    One ore point I want to get clarify from you and if has solution to get solve problem, The problem is accidently charging cable unplugged from jack with jerk and my mobile starting slow charging, some time it even show 100℅ charged but actually its 27 or something like that. I observe this 2 time now. First time I didn't observe it because I was thinking its charger problem then I replace it with new jack, mobile was charging properly but now its happening again because cord unplugged by jerk again, can you tell what exactly happening when unplugged with jerk?

  • Am using Ampere, but my caring MA is 0, including Max and min
    please, am really so tired of how slow my phone is charging
    Any other solution to that?

  • last month when my phone had some problems and was not charging properly, i tried the #1 tip to fix the USB port and after that my phone started working normally. i did not have slow charging problems anymore. but last night, my phone had the same problem again and was charging very slowly so i thought i would try the same tip and it would charge. but it did not and when i switched off the phone and tried to charge it again, it wont show any signs of charging. the LED display, which normally shows the battery charge status after the phone is switched off and plugged in for charging, did not show anything. i tried everything like changing adapters, USB cable, charging points in my home, but nothing worked. i assume no current is passing through my phone. is this a battery problem? please help.

    • I had this problem with my Iphoneand a common solution onlline seemed to be use a warm hair dryer on the back of your device for a few seconds. Don't let it get too hot. After about 10-15 seconds the phone started charging nrmally. Hope this helps!

    • I'm having the same problem now but I am not able to take out the battery as it is sealed inside the phone.I can see that you commented a long time ago. Do you have any solution that works?

  • I have a Samsung Galaxy 4. I am able to charge the phone using the car plug-in but can't charge it in my home. I have tried 3 different chargers (including the one that came with the phone and a new generic one I just bought) and multiple outlets. Any thoughts?

  • I Am Using a coolpad note 3 for the past 1,5 years i didn't have any problem before but now my phone is not charging if i charge the other phone with the same charger then it will charge but i don't know why my phone is not charging, yeah sometimes if i poke it and reboot my phone then it will start charging but really slOw please help me out

  • My phone infocus m350 doesn't charge. It show that it connected to charge but battery doesn't charge and also sometimes it discharge while connected to charging. Plz help me

    • If your phone can handle a 2A input make sure the adapter can output that much. Whenever I use a 1A output adapter my phone does the same thing. Likewise, make sure the cable you're using rated for that much amperage.

  • My Samsung would not charge. After buying new battery and charger still no joy. I Googled for other possible solutions and came upon this page. Should have done it first as Tip No 1 has worked for me! Thank you.

  • James Jun 5, 2017 Link to comment

    For anyone who may not have a can of compressed air handy for method 2, a bike pump also works!

  • I apologize up front for how long this question is, but I want include everything I've tried up to this point. Up until 3 days ago my AT&T LG G3 was able to charge no problem, then for some reason it just stopped charging. I didn't download any new apps, I didn't update the phone, there were no changes to the software at all. I've always used the charger that came with the LG G3, but have used other chargers and USB cables before with the phone and have never had a problem. At first I thought the charger or USB cable was bad, but I tried tried using it with my LG tablet and it charged the tablet fine. I then tried using the tablet charger with the G3 phone and it wouldn't charge the phone either. About 2 days ago I found this article and first I removed the battery and checked the charging port and everything there looked OK. However, when I put the battery back in I just automatically plugged in the charger without thinking and without turning the phone on first and it began to charge. I thought somehow the problem had fixed itself, but when I turned the phone on it stopped charging again so for last 2 days every time I charged my phone I had to do it while it was powered off. Today I downloaded the Ampere app I saw in the article and when I ran the test it didn't matter if the charger was plugged in or not the results didn't change. The screen stayed red, the status was discharging, but the health was good, which assume refers to the battery health. The milliamps were also the same whether the charger was plugged in or not and ran from -10 mA to -4790 mA. After the test I left the charger plugged in and then turned the phone off and waiting until it showed it was charging. I then turned the phone back on with the charger still in and immediately opened the Ampere app and it had a green screen with a status of charging. The milliamps ranged from +10 mA to +4970 mA. I then went into the Battery and Power Savings settings and verified that the battery showed charging there also. However, when I checked the main screen the charging icon that's usually in the upper left corner wasn't showing that the battery was charging even though it was. I then unplugged the charger and then plugged it back in, but it didn't start charging again and showed that it wasn't charging in the Battery & Power setting and also in Ampere. If I turn the phone off and with the charger plugged in and then turn it back on it will charge until the charger is removed and then once removed it will not charge again unless I turn it off again. I also just checked now and instead of turning it off completely and can restart it instead and it will charge as long as the charger is plugged before the phone restarts. That's where I'm at and I have no idea what's going on unless something is resetting when the phone is turned off? Also as a side note, for about 3 months before this my battery has started to run down quicker than before, but when charges even now it will charge very quickly. At first I thought it was a battery issue, but now especially after Ampere showed the health as good I think it's a phone issue. I used to work for a wireless carrier and was there for about 8 years in customer service and sales and I have never seen this problem before so any help, guidance, or just the conformation that I should slam this phone against the wall and get different would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and sorry again that it's so long.

  • Thanks who made this tip it actually works on the step one now my phone is back to normal it fast charging now thx guys-sorry for bad english-now im not suffering on very slow charging ;)

    • That's why #1 fix is #1. my problem was exactly that. I never thought to inspect the charge port as a source of the problem so problem solved!

  • Thanks a lot guys the first trick worked....my samsung A5 was not charging and I moved the USB socket in the phone with a pen point and it started charging..thank you

  • My LGV10 is about 9 months old . For the past 3-4 months it either will not charge, will not turn on for several days or only a few minutes. Or it will read 100% charged, but when turned on well within seconds read 0% charged and turn itself off. I bought a universal charger and that seems to help 80% of the time. Other times all I need to do is remove the battery and put it back in and it will work for a few hours or a few minutes.

  • I'm not sure if I've broken my charger port. I try to plug in my charger and it won't even plug in. I haven't tried to do anything yet because Im not use if it will work, I use a wireless now that I can't plug it in. What do I do? I have a Samsung Galaxy s6 edge.

  • I have a Samsung s5,it will charge when connected to lap top or tv but won't when it's is connected a mains charger. Have tried different chargers and leads,is there a phone setting that has coursed this?

  • i have motorolla xt912 have a problem is that i connect the charger but not charging and cell phone charging port is very heating what the problem ? give me any idea about it the charging port are faulty our charing I C fault please reply must

  • My Lenovo k4 note is not charging while it is switched on and it gets charged only when it is switched off.. if any one of knows the solution for it plz lemme noe as soon as possible

  • I am currently using samsung gt-s5360. it was self-charging since yesterday. i switched off my phone and i took out the battery.today i put in the battery again and when i was about to charge it. it didnt work. i dont know what to do. please help me.

  • im using Lenovo vibe s1.... its not getting charged when the phone is on I hav to switch it off all the time when I hav to keep my phone on charge.... pls do give me solution for this at the earliest

  • i tried the first one with a needle i stole from my school, but i didnt see it here. it was a very long time since i have been able too charge in the micro-usbport on the phone, but i was lucky because i have a sony Xperia Z and it came with a chargingstation =D

  • OL H Feb 4, 2017 Link to comment

    Thank you, this was a life saver, thank god.

  • I have a samgung galaxy and i bought a new battery today n tryed charger in shop n was chargin but i try it at home n its not chargin please help

  • I love this phone i have the phone since three month when it was launch in the stores it works great but today i tried to charge it and it wont work i tried my two older sister and my mom charger and it wont work but the charger work for there phone please tell me why it won't work. by the way my phone is a Samsung galaxy exhibit sgh t599n

    • i have same that problem but i clean the charging port to contact cleaner then start it charging our if that not charging then you go to repairing shop it change the charging port

  • Tab fix worked like a champ. Thanks very much.

  • can you send a picture of the little tab located inside of the USB port?

  • Interesting suggestions, yet none fixes my Low/High charge current issue.
    My phone (NEO 003) started to charge at a slow pace, even from the power supply.
    It would only charge with 460mA (like when charging from a USB 2.0 port), never switch to the 800mA fast charge.
    Changing the charger did not help, nor did the insertion of a different battery. Only with one of my many USB cables it would behave 'normal' most of the times; yet this cable is a junker (uni-directional USB C connector, very loose fit, never used before).
    Interestingly the phone would switch into the proper high current mode, when it was switched ON and then charged; In the OFF condition it would simply hang in the 460mA mode whenever hooked up to the charger.

    The root cause is most likely with the DATA lines (inner two pins on the USB connector). According to an interesting YouTube clip the phone can be 'tricked' into the proper power supply mode (i.e. high current charge) by SHORTING these two pins.
    A USB cable modified this way is of course no longer usable for data exchange.

    So far I have not modded any of my cables this way, to verify that it will indeed solve the charge current issue.
    I am wondering if the 'sensor' feature of Android is by hardware (i.e. some electronic resistance sensor) or software (a code routine that toggles the data lines to see 'action')? Why is the phone no longer doing what it could do before, what DID change?

    It is very impractical to use a USB multimeter whenever charging my phone; just to check if it 'sucks' the proper current.

    If anyone else has observed similar low/high current switch problems when charging from power supplies: let me know your findings and possible solution.

  • I have a zte warp elite,& i originally lost my charger that came with my phone, i had been using a samsung charger, which was not charging my phone, as fast, now i ordered & just received a zte charger,& when i inserted it into the charging port, @ the bottom of my phone, the phone isnt recognizing the charger,@ is not charging, now my phone is completly dead, what shall i do, to get my phone back to charging agaim?

  • this was extremely helpful. My phone would not take a charge before but after checking the first one and doing that my phone is as good as knew. Thank you so much for making this and putting this up. It was a lifesaver for me!

  • Point one worked! XD

  • When I bought my new a Samsung charger it worked properly.. for some days.... after that it suddenly stops working properly.... I have to push the charger pin to work it properly. What should I do? I am using Gionee mobile with Samsung's charger... is it harmful?

  • Yea this is a major prob when i off my phone it charges but when my phone is switched on it doesnt charge

  • I have a moto x play device which shows me plugged in symbol when charged but status is not charging and charging % does not increase at all

  • Thank you so much!!!! It worked!

  • my phone get wet but it still working.. the problem is that now it is not charging while is open... i have to switch it off to connect with the charger.. what can i do to fix it?

    • I also hav the same problem but my phone didn't get wet ..... could u please help me out if ur problem has been solved by telling me how did u solve it out

  • My charger's indicator gets off when I connect my yureka through it, otherwise or for other devices it remains on. I've tried to charge my phone through pc but it says pc can't deliver sufficient power (So, port isn't the issue). My battery health was good as i had checked just a few days back. I've tried many USB's and chargers which charge other phones but not mine. What should I do? I can't even format my device as its battery is down.

  • Levering up the usb port worked, this is so helpful thanks!!!!!

  • the 1st & 2nd tip really worked for my one plus 'x' which was having issue since three now , i was using powerbank to charge my phone.. but for now it is working hopefully it should be intermittent issue. i know the solutions(1&2) seems to be simple but thanks for the tips.. will come back if any issues.

  • I'm trying to 'lever up' the tab in the usb port but it won't stay up.

  • My phone is coolpad note 3.It's nt charging while connected to the port.but battery level reduces fastly. plz tell me what should i do

  • Bob Sep 11, 2016 Link to comment

    I have a Leagoo Elite5 & it will only charge when the battery is on 1 or 0% then it will fully charge, BUT if I unplug it at any stage AFTER 5% it won't continue charging. & when then it will not recharge until empty again !!!
    Any help please

  • Bari Sep 11, 2016 Link to comment

    I have a samsung galaxy J5 ... i tried all these steps its still saying charging but not going up..the speed of the charger is 550 ... i just got this phone back from the shop after waithing a while to fix some problems..also the camera is not working...

  • Nexus 5. I changed charger, cable, battery, usb-port flex cable. IT STILL DOES NOT CHARGE. I think it's the connection from the motherboard to the battery. Not mentioned in article though..

  • hi . my battery cant fully charge.it was stoped when 38% ,60%.it's say charged !what should i do ?pls replay me something.

  • Whenever i insert my Samsung j7 charger to charge it indicates saying connect ur original charger to charge faster....plz help

  • Uninstall goggle chrome

  • Hey I have a non removable battery a nexus 5. How do I check for a hardware problem

  • t md Jul 28, 2016 Link to comment

    I am confused by the comment about the USB not being able to supply as much as a wall socket. My phone charger is rated (on the original samsung charger) at 5V 0.7A. But my car USB port can supply 2.4A at 5V per port. However, when I use the phone (sat nav running) on the car port, the battery discharges faster. A 1 hour journey drops the battery from 100% to 60%. I have downloaded one of the amp meter apps (the recommended one is incompatible with my samsung ace 4) so I will check this is actually happening. My battery is only 18 months old but has never lasted more than 2 days, normally needs charging every night.

    • Everything is normal. I did the same experience with Galaxy S5.
      About charging slower on car adapter is a common answer.
      I have a car adapter that charge at 1800 ma, same as my wall charger. But old car adapter might not be able to charge as fast.
      I'v used car adapter for GPS Tom-Tom. I placed a usb hub between my phone and the car adapter. And charged as slow as 350 mA.

      Deactivated Account

  • did anyone have this problem like me? after i plugged my phone to my pc. my phone shut down by it self and after that. it is having a problem charging. my phone not charging anymore. Can anyone help me with this problem pls save my phone...

    • I was charging on pc also, used 2 or 3 developer features for sometime, and noticed my phone had stopped charging. volume also not working. I reset the phone, nothing changed. I am thinking of flashing it now.

  • Wow that video is scary.

  • Very informative! Good one Androidpit.

  • Alex Jul 17, 2016 Link to comment

    why are you posting the same post again and again

  • storm Jul 16, 2016 Link to comment

    I've had the lint and lose contacts before.

  • I noticed my android was dying a lot more than it normally did in the past couple of weeks so I decided to try carrying around a power bank! the best one I bought was the beauty bank from Fifth and Ninth!!

  • Thank you so much the first solution was the answer 2 my problem... Now I don't have 2 buy a new phone.. Thanks again so much 4 your help

  • God bless you. The first solution worked for me. I was prepared to go to AT&T on Tuesday to see if it was the battery or the software/hardware that was the culprit, but it was neither! You have saved me time, money, and frustration. Thank you.

  • Thank you! These steps saved the phone and my sanity. It was the worn, dirty terminal that was the culprit.

    • I found that there is no problem with a charger either battery problem is with the cable. Now I'm using another USB cable and working fine. Anyways thank you. He is now restricted from using my charger

  • I have Lenova a7000 mobile which usually takes 2 hours to charge 100% but yesterday after a full night charge in switched off it only gets 40%. Is it bcoz of battery or charger because for two weeks my friend use my charger for his phone (Sony)
    Give me an solution

    • I found that there is no problem with a charger either battery problem is with the cable. Now I'm using another USB cable and working fine

  • Well my phone does charge but sometimes when it's on the charger it will stop charging I take the charger out and I put it back in and it still won't charge so I went down stairs and got the back up charger for my Kyocera Android and used that charger and it still didn't work Ive used different outlets and it just did the same thing it usually takes like 3 minutes for it to start acting up. Can anybody help me to find out what is going on with my phone my parents said it could be overheated and sometimes it won't charge is that correct please anybody I need some help! It's charging now but it's going to act up again

    Deactivated Account

  • Mike Jun 20, 2016 Link to comment

    I recently purchases the Xiaomi Redmi 3 Pro and haven't been able to get a proper charge to switch on.
    Does anyone know if it has a protective tab on the battery that needs to be removed so it can charge. I was told being a non removable battery it probably wouldn't. Unfortunately the place i bought it cant understand my question and haven't been able to answer so im hoping someone here knows.
    A technician checked it and said it is charging at 8 milliamps per hour instead of the expected 1000 for the battery size.

  • I found out what happen to my phone.. My unit is My Phone Aqua Cyclone.. PhiIippine brand.. I figured out what happen.. I always using my phone and always in my pocket then suddenly when i charge it.. It wont charge.. I turned off my phone and charge it again.. Then it charge.. I try to on and charged it again and it wont turn the charging indicator on.. Then i turn it off again and remove my battery.. Then i clean the charging pin or the usb socket for charging.. Carefully Cleaning with small and thin stick or toothpick.. Then back may battery and turn it on.. Then it charge.. It works.. My usb socket(charging pin) is filling with some dirt in it.. Thats the cause.. So the pin is loose contact with the charger.. Now i use my phone again smoothly.. Thanks.. I hope it works for you..

  • I have a Samsung note 5 and I replaced my battery because I dropped it in the toilet but now the new battery just stays at 1& what should I do?????

  • My s3 mini won't charge at all I've tried everyone's charger what do I do

  • With me, my phone will not charge while I am using it on charge. When I leave it alone, then it will charge, but painfully slower than usual. I've tried turning it off and on again, resetting, deleting recently downloaded apps, removing and putting the battery back in, and switching the charge cables. Nothing works. Someone help!

    BTW My phone is a Samsung 5.

  • Something is really wrong with phone ,its not letting me do anything.
    First: its not charging from 5%
    Second:won't let me remove accounts from gmail and all
    Third: keeps on optimising apps
    Fourth:and regardless to say it has a non removable battery so can't change my battery
    Fifth:restarting it doesn't make a difference

    • Your Phone Have Viruses Or Malware...
      Have To Factory Reset Your Phone.
      Hold Your Power Button And The Second Volume Button Of It...
      And Find The Factory Reset...
      Let me see if it works... :)

  • Hello. I noticed you recommended that a few people purchase a "3A" charger. I have a Samsung Galaxy S3. Will that type of charger work with my phone? If so, do you happen to have an Amazon link to what you think would be the best 3A charger? I tried the level up solution and it did start charging a little more. But still seems slow. Also: do you have any idea why phone would be flashing on / off, not turning on when I hit the on button, and doing quirky things of that nature? Is it just time to buy a new phone? Or might there be an easy fix for those things? Thank you!

  • Thanks for writing all these steps. Here is a shortcut to knowing what is wrong.... The Ampere app shows voltage and mA use. It helped me identify that my cable was defective!

  • Hey. My phone/ tablet has been having problems with charging. I need to shut it down, just to make it charge and it takes a whole day to make that happen. Sometimes, it would not even charge to 100 % (it happens frequently now and then sadly). I had sent it to repairs. It was costly and it worked for a week. It got the same problem after wards.

    It started having these problems after accidentally dropping the phone into water-
    I changed the battery. Changed my charger. Sent it for repair. Did all the stuff before..
    I hope someone knows the solution to my problem-
    And if you do, please tell me
    Help is appreciated

  • Thanks....I had big problems charging my phone.......after having tried multiple suggestions found on the Internet (one more complicated and "risky" than another) I tried your simple solution n°1 "Do-It-Yourself USB port fix" on my Galaxy S3 and it worked perfectly - I had even considered going to buy a new smartphone the very same day but now I can hopefully use the old one for still some time.....it was a very good (and intelligent) advice!! Thanks again - I should perhaps also tell other users with battery problems that 1) you need to change a battery once in a while, that's normal and 2) beware of softwares such as Battery Doctor etc. .....my experince is that they cause more problems thhan what they solve...I tried it and it really fucked up my phone and thus uninstalled it....and the phone went back to normal

  • I had my S Galaxy III on the charger all night and it only got to 51%( It would normally get a full charge after about 4 hours) After my 20 minute commute to work, it went down to about 15% with little to no activity. I read this article and manipulated the tab after my phone died. After just 5 minutes it's already at 8%! This article was so helpful and straightforward. Thank you!

  • Thank you. I found this very useful

  • My phone is getting charged if i use a power bank but, it gets discharged when i use a wall socket. It also gets discharged real quick these days, what could be the problem ?

    • wall socket probably supplying less power than the battery needs to charge , then it will drain battery ; ) i have just read about this.

  • I got a cheap wall adapter and when my Samsung avant is charging, it freezes the screen. My phone is about 1.5 years old now. It's a cheap phone too. Ah well, its a phone. Kris is cute.

  • Alex Apr 25, 2016 Link to comment

    It was very helpful!!Thanks!!

  • Sound interesting! Thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful post. Some times we are facing this problem with our phn. But with this article we got lots of point which helps us a lot.

  • I have the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, and it just won't charge at all, I've tried everything, and its a uni-body so makes it hard to take out battery

  • None of these worked to get my Huewai Y536A1 a.k.a. Ascend? a.k.a. Tribute? Fusion? So many nka's for one phone? Which is the correct model?
    I LOVE Android OS, wouldn't think of having any other. But I've never had a charge port issue . I don't believe it's the OS but I'm lost. Any other ideas?


  • Wish I had read this earlier!

  • I really appreciate the useful articles which you keep publishing. Instead of posting zillions of gossip articles like what the next upcoming phone might look like, you actually provide very useful tips on apps and hardware. Great stuff! Eventhough I don't need it right now, I might do in the future.

  •   18
    Deactivated Account Mar 28, 2016 Link to comment

    Informative article. Thanks!

  • My old faithful Galaxy S3 started to succumb to old age. Her battery would take 24/36 hrs to full capacity whilst switched off, then would discharge very quickly (1/3hrs). If I charged whilst using the phone it would not be enough causing it to discharge quicker than it could be charged.

    I bought a new battery - no improvement.
    I fiddled with the micro USB port - no improvement.

    Though I bought a 3.0A charger with a decent made usb cable (AWG 24C/24D,proper braided and shielded) and it works, woop woop!

    It now charges to 100% in a decent time and more importantly keeps its charge whilst using the phone at the same time.

    She has now been brought out of retirement and is being used as a home security cam (via Alfred - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ivuu)
    She's having a quiet life in retirement but still able to contribute.

    With the right care my old faithful S3 will be working for years to come.

    Peace ✌

  • john G Mar 18, 2016 Link to comment

    Solution 1 do work with me THANKS

  • My Samsung Galaxy Legend wont charge. At all. Please help. It wont even turn on. It doesnt have water in it or anything, it just stopped charging. Should I get another battery or?

    • Hi, I would recommend that you purchase a new genuine battery - if that doesn't work I'd purchase a 3A charger with a decent cable. The charging system should only draw the required amount of power.

  • It keeps saying "the connected charger will take longer to charge" to charge faster, use the original charger and cable that were provided with this phone" and it just doesn't charge at all like it keeps charging and then not charging and then it doesn't even charge period just drains battery.

    • Hi, again I would recommend that you purchase a 3A charger with a decent cable. It is generally recommended that you keep to the original charger & cable, but I've found with older devices the charging system isn't able to draw enough power. Especially when the battery is +2 years old.

      Peace ✌

  • As a tech-savvy person, I find it embarrassing and absolutely hilARious that what I need to do was blow in my phone's socket to fix it.

  • So I tried the "lifting the tab" method and I plugged in my phone to the charger and the LED light flashed red for a second and now nothing. Does that just mean my phone's uber dead or do I need to take my phone in? It hasn't been charging right for quite some time now. My phone will go days on end with being dead because it won't charge right. I'm not sure if it's the charger or the port that's wrong. Any advice??

  • That lever up worked

    • How much do I lever up the tab?

      • look at the port on your charger; the micro tab inside your phone has to fit inside of that, lever it up enough so that the tab gets the most connection on your charger. Hope it helped :3

      • The tab in the micro USB port needs to be level for the udb cable to connect.

        I would advise that you purchase a new 3A charger with a decent cable (braided and shielded with decent copper cable - see my previous comments)

        Peace ✌

  • the tab fix worked! Thanks for the help :)

  • Toothpick thing worked! Thanks a bunch.

  • I have a HTC ONE phone for 2 years. About 6 months ago, it stopped charging. I tried changing cables, re-calibrated the battery and all, but nothing works. Finally, by accident, I realize that if I connect the phone to multi-usb-to-outlet adapter, it charges just fine. The USB port states "5V1A". This adapter is kind of huge, and I really don't want to bring it with me wherever I go. Any idea of what's wrong with my battery? Please help. Thanks.

    • It's most likely to be caused by the battery not having sufficient "good" charging cells, using a higher amp charger with a decent cable seems to fix this. Also I would replace the battery if possible.

      Peace ✌

  • Hey the idea worked..... awesome...
    My phone's battery drained to 0%. and its switched off. I charged it the whole night but it didn't get charged. I was searching on internet for any solution and i got to see this site. I have tried other ways but levering up the small tab inside the usb port fixed the problem in no time.
    Wow i got kow how to fix it................

  • LOL,what a so pretty professional and detailed tips that we really learn a lot about how to fix a phone for being charged.I also found a pretty useful article from blog.onu-mall.com filled with tons of practical articles about how to and i also surprised at the huge collections of various USB cable and power bank from onu-mall.com,i bought a really fashionable type-c cable from onu-mall for my iPAD

  • Probably you didn't know that almost every battery, old or dead, can be reconditioned to be useful again! This can save you lot of money and it's also a way you can contribute to protect the environment :)

    Check this link to learn more about it! reconditionyouroldbattery.co.nf

  • hi my Samsung n /2 is having charging problems, when I connect my phone and charge with samsungs and one normal cables and plug in, it doesnt charge but seems loose on all but when I used an x box USB one it charges and fits tight . so why all 3 of have issues but a non brand one works, I have checked the charging uniton phone but seems alright, only those ones I use mostly are loose when plug in on phone.
    thanks venessa

  • I have an Xperia Z3. One day the charging port just stopped working...Tried different cables hasn't worked. Battery is also not removable as it is built in. Any Suggestions?

  • How to go back to an older version of Android pls help me my battery performance is vry bad after update to lollipop device Xperia z

  • How to go back to an older version of Android pls help

  • My oid faithful S3 is suffering from very slow charging (it is currently taking 24hrs for a full charge) I wanted to use it for a security cam but even with a full charge and keeping the charger switched on it only lasts for a few hours. I have tried a new battery but alas no good. I might try point 1 above and see If that helps.

  • David Nov 29, 2015 Link to comment

    My phone is showing that its charging but battery percentage keep going doing. It show's charging but never charge. What is problem with my mobile?

  • Kris, you say to "use something small, like a toothpick, to 'lever up' the little tab inside the USB port on your smartphone..." When I attempt this, do I have my phone lying screen-up or screen-down? Sorry if this seems like a stupid question, but I am visually and spatially challenged. Appreciate your help.

  • I have a month old S3 that won't charge, tried your USB port fix with no luck. My old phone charges using the cord supplied with the new phone & I've tried other working cords with the new phone also, but still no luck. Any suggestions? Thank you!

  • Thanks for the help!

  • I had a battery that puffed up and replaced it, and now the device is not holding charge properly. It often dies, and when I turn it back on, the battery is still at 80%. Is it possible that the previous battery malfunction did permanent damage to the phone??

  • DIY USB port fix, it worked I'm genuinely thankful :)

  • Kris, thank you so much for this info. i thought my samsung phone need to replace. as what instructed i followed the steps...then after 1 hour i checked my phone and it started charging.....Mabuhay and Kudos!!!

  • Kris ... Thank you. I thought my phone was shot. I just removed battery and reinserted it and it works. We tend to overlook mechanical problems with our electronic devices. ... Al

  • I can`t tell you how I feel, I thought I`m gonna have to repair my phone and I was soooo worried, thanks alot and God bless you <3 your article saved my day ^_^

  • What if it doesnt work? :-(

  • Thanks guys. That DIY soloution worked out. Thanks a lot. Keep the good work

  • Hello Chris

    I signed up here specially to feedback on this great article.
    I tried the DIY solution and it totally fixed my problem.
    Can't thank you enough for your help.

    Problem description:
    - I charged my phone yesterday using a power bank (don't remember the model)
    - The power bank had two charging power options (1.5A and 2.1A) and I charged using the 2.1A option
    - Late at night when I tried to charge my phone with my wall charger it did't work
    - I tried other cables and other chargers but nothing worked
    - The same power bank seemed to be the only working solution (@ 2.1A)
    - At the morning, tried charging through my PC and surprisingly it worked!
    - After reading this great article, I tried the DIY solution and it worked like a charm!

    DIY solution:
    "All you need to do is shut down your device, remove the battery if possible and use something small, like a toothpick, to 'lever up' the little tab inside the USB port on your smartphone or tablet. Do so very carefully and gently, then reinsert your battery and plug it in again. Nine times out of 10 this is all that is required."

    Wishing you all the best in solving your charging problems :)


  • My Samsung note 1 does not show charging the indicator does not charging when it was plug on... Help me.....

  • Tried the DIY USB port fix and now my phone won't charge AT ALL.

  • I was among the 9 lucky ones. TY !!!

  • To be without a phone is like to be without a limb... After the 5th try, the USB port cleaning and adjusting worked. These were the longest 2 hours of my life.

  • It was the USB port!! I didn't expect that at all, and I fixed it! TY♥

  • I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 and the battery has not been working properly. At first, when I plugged it in, it says it's charging, but it still lost battery very quickly while it was being used. But now, I plug it in and sometimes it says it's charging, and sometimes it doesn't but the screen still comes on when I plug it in or un-plug it. Even when it is plugged in and says it's charging, it still doesn't charge.

  • DIY USB port fix: its working :D thanks so much

  • What a genius to explain this so confidently and be right about it!! I was on holiday in a more remote place and I wondered how it could be happening to me now that am here. And after reading this, my extreme horror of 2 days ended. It was the pin/metal piece inside the charge port that I had to raise.

  • Sheila Aug 30, 2015 Link to comment

    WOW! What a genius. I have tried for months to get this one android I have to charge & failed at every attempt. I read this article, took the battery out, slightly lifted the metal piece in the charger port, plugged it in & BOOOOYAAA its now charging...THANK YOU!!

  • DIY USB port fix - hoping this is the solution to my problem! Thanks so much for a great article!

  • My mobile micromax canvas 2 colour is not chaging in power on condition while it charger in power off condition please solve my problem

  • WOW I feel so dumb, all I had to do was blow air in the phones charging micro USB port
    (tip: you might not need a can of compressed air, I just used my lungs :p)

  •   5
    Deactivated Account Aug 7, 2015 Link to comment

    Following the update to Lollipop 5.1 my Motorola Moto G 4G developed various annoying problems, thank you Google!!! One of them was problems with the battery. Motorola had no useful advice for me, so in the end I tried recalibrating the battery. It seems to of fixed the problem. If you want to look after your device and keep it safe from dust, buy yourself some anti dust plugs. I wouldn't be without them!

  • Stunning...and your advice is spot on too Kris :). Thank you!

  • Mike Aug 6, 2015 Link to comment


  • Does anyone know where I can get a battery that fits the star n8000 as I've had the phone for ages now, the battery is failing after It was charging and a thunder storm struck.

  • The first suggestion worked for me. Although, I cut a very tiny piece of paper to "lift" the "platform" inside the phone. Works like a charm.

  • I felt like I tried the first suggestion already, but tried it again anyway. Sure enough it worked! Thanks for the excellent diagnostic! I appreciate how thorough it is - I'll definitely be coming back if I have any more problems.

  • Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!

  • rED Jul 5, 2015 Link to comment

    Hii,I got some problem with my phone android Xperia J..
    My phone only charging using "Power Bank" and work perfectly..
    But if I'm using PC/Laptop or plug to charging, my battery power not increase but bar still show charging.
    I don't think my "Battery" got problem because if my battery problem my phone should be can't charging using "Power Bank".
    Solutions I have try to used.
    1.Format my phone using Pc companion
    2. Change USB cable...
    But still not working

  • Hii, I'm using HTC one x plus.. I've charging problem.. I don't understand the problem is with my phone or my adaptor..my cable is absolutely good..I'm completely tired of this prblm.. the main problem is whenever I put my charging,, my phone shows the battery indicator "on" (red light) and it's also written as "charging" on my screen..but my phone doesn't get charged.. instead the percentage goes back/reverse(susurprisingly...suppose it's 40% ..after 4-5 minutes when I see it goes to 38%...one more important thing to say is,, my phone easily gets charged with any other adapters, Samsung,, Sony,,etc..and intrestingly my HTC adaptor is working perfectly good with other android phones..and another problem is my phone doesn't standby below 30% ,, if my phone shows 30% or 25% at night when, i go to sleep , by early morning wen I see my phone it's already switched off (or) when I continue to use my phone while it's 30% (not pplaying games or watching videos., just browsing or chatting only) my phone suddenly switches off.. Till now 3times I've bought new HTC adapter,, but the prblm still continues...pls pls help me with dis problem..it's a sincere and kind request..

  • Hi

    I have a Samsung S4, all of a sudden it refused to charge, I have changed the USB port, changed the battery and tried multiple cables and plugs and it still wont charge, the phone will buzz when you fit the battery and briefly show a charge sign on the screen (for 2 secs) but thats all it does

    tried both hard and soft resets but it wont do anything

    is it dead?

    thanks in advance

    • simon8 Jun 24, 2015 Link to comment

      i have a samsung s4 i9500 and i experienced almost the same problem as you, but at that time , when i remove my phone's battery and charge it with my friends phone, and later returning my battery back to my phone ; my phone comes on. but when i plug my charger it wont charge. so i dont know whether it is the same situation as yours .

    • I had that problem too, I had to enable developer mode (tap on build number 7x) and check box u s b

  • I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 and recently having issues with charging it up. If I keep it very still I might get it up a little but I can't hold it forever. When it moves it dies. I'm using more than one charger to charge it too. I have taken a knife up in my USB port on my tablet and jiggled it to see if that would help. It has gone from 19% to 14% while messaging this. Anyone knows what I could do different or what it is I'd be greatly appreciated.


  • Shane May 16, 2015 Link to comment

    Hello Everyone.

    Why on earth are people sticking TOOTHPICKS....MONEY/PAPER CLIPS and anything FOREIGN just to hold the charger in place. You do more long term damage to your charging port then actually solving the issues short term.
    Get to your nearest reliable trusworthy phone repair centre and get your phone sorted out......BEST LONG TERM SOLUTION.....CHEERS ALL.

  • Well thanks a lot. I followed your first suggestion, and instead of my Samsung charging slowly, now it won't charge at all. Your advice killed my phone.

  • also, what does it mean to "lever up" a tab in my USB port?

  • I levered up my tab inside my USB port & it still didn't work, what else can I do to fix my phone so it can charge?

  • Did all that. Just to discover the extention cord wasint pluged in

  • i did exactly what you said, bending the port slightly upwards. Well, now it's completely broken. Thanks.

  • OK I have a blu life 8 and I realise the problem with my phone as to why it isn't taking charge which is that the tab in my USB port is down and I used a toothpick as u told me but its still down . I want to know how to keep the tab in my USB port up

  • Secure phone charging stations | chargemyphone.us

    Keep your guests CHARGED, Connected and Engaged
    Decrease guest demand for provision of extra outlets or charging cables. Increase staff productivity and eliminate any of the potential liability (theft or damage) that you assume when you babysit a guest's phone.

  • Hey, i have General Mobile Discovery and i've been suffering from the charging issue. It sometimes charge but when it doesn't there is no way that i can charge it. my mom has same phone with me so i tested problem is not in the cable or my battery or my phone's USB port. We have sended it for repair but they said ''nothing is wrong just buy a new charger'' so we did. But it's not fixed, still. So i have a question,what the hell is going on with my smart -not that smart- phone

  • Roger Mar 12, 2015 Link to comment

    My Sony Xperia Z will not charge at all. It did charge but overnight wouldn't charge at all. How can I fix this problem.

  • Cheers!! You helped me fix my phone :) Peace x

  • I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 Active At&T but being used on Straighttalk. My phone was charging properly until I got a virus on the phone. I removed the virus, dumped the phone back to factory, and had no issues till after that. Now my phone will only charge when turned completely off. It doesnt charge at all whenever it is turned on and pulled in. When it is turned off, it will charge but it doesnt register the charge. The phone turns on and off and the battery meter flashes like it is refreshing. My charging indicator light no longer comes on. I took it to a repair guy(supposedly) who looked at it for about 30 seconds, didnt turn it off or on, didnt try to charge it, and just told me I needed a new battery. Of course he offered to order one for me(I declined). Ordered a new battery, turned the phone off and charged the battery to 100%. This was yesterday. I left the phone off the charger all night and it stayed charged to about 60% without it being used until 8 this morning. I plugged it into the charger and it wouldnt charge. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    • Hey. I have a very very similar problem. And I didn't come up with a solution yet. I hope you did though and I would love it if you share any information on it. I hardly come here so it would be very easy if you write me on Skype.
      login: anbor7257

  • Thank you!

  • ange Feb 11, 2015 Link to comment

    Although some of these helped in other occasions, this time it didn't. I got to my wits ends and figured banging it against a book might help. It did! After not being able to charge it at all, I charged it and it worked. So, when in doubt, BANG IT OUT

  • anna Feb 7, 2015 Link to comment

    I need help! Everytime I charge my phone using a powerbank, it suddenly stops. I don't think it's because of the phone since it doesn't have any issues when plugged into a wall socket.

  • A little rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab can clean the charging port

  • I have an issue charging my samsung Galaxy S4 phone. I am using a 10ft cable I bought at the store and when I plug it in it shows that it is charging however, it loses charge instead of charges.. why is this? It says on the package it is a charge and synce cable. I should be able to charge it just fine. Someone help me out.

  • hye..did an android phone charge using samsung note 3 charger?

  • I have a problem charging my phone. When I plug my charger in my cellphone it won't charge and it begins to discharge. But when I use the cable and plug it in the laptop it charges. What should I do? Please reply a soon as possible. Thank you

  • Hello,

    How to simulate a neverfull battery ?
    When my phone is connected to a powerbank it stops charging when battery is full.

    I would like to keep charging and empty the powerbank before i empty the phone battery, any idea ?

    Thank you.

    • anna Feb 7, 2015 Link to comment

      Hello, that's a special feature of powerbanks. It is built not to overcharge your phine/battery since it would damaged it. It has the feature wherein once the battery is full, it will stop giving off charges.

  • The way I see it Kris, as expensive as these devices are, they should have automatic battery charging tenders built in!!! This way the device or charger would shut off when the charge is complete. No matter how long the device is plugged in.
    A lot of quality cordless hand tools have this feature and saves the hassle of paying attention to or having to constantly go out of a persons way to make sure it's not over charging and damaging the battery/device.
    Just an old geezer who likes technology

  • My phone is an LG Optimus, and the back is sealed so I cant get to the battery. the charger chord and port in the phone is perfectly fine. I broke the screen the other day and Phone Fix USA put a new screen on it but now it wont charge and I don't have the money to get it fixed AGAIN. any ideas on how to fix it?? Need this ASAP please..thanks.

  • I used nail filer to push the tab up, it's work on the first try. I hope it will... till forever cause I was so stressed. Ty.

  • My phone (Samsung Galaxy Note 1) is stuck at 69% battery eventhough it would be on charge for long hours. What do I do?

    • download these appliaction: Battery Calibration + Battery Repair
      leave your phone for a few hours until you are sure your battery is full ( even when its showing 69%, after a few hours you are sure its 100% but shows 69%)
      and then run the 2nd Application ( battery repair ) and let it do the work. After it finished, run the battery calibration and click on the calibrate button...

      I hope you can fix your problem

  • my device is not charging and it is not turning on for almost a couple of days. what should i do with it? help me please.

    • Have you tried all the steps in the article already? if so, you need to take it to a repair shop because your battery is either completely dead (which is bad for your phone) or you have a hardware problem (which is even worse for your phone).

  • Nat Sep 24, 2014 Link to comment

    I went thru 5 Samsung Galaxy S (Blaze and Light) phones in 2.5 years. They all died because of this very problem. I did try to correct "little thing" inside charger several times but in the end it still would stop charging completely. My latest #6 phone is in the mail and I am thinking hard about how to avoid this problem again.

    I will try not to overcharge it (I usually always charge it when not using it).

  • My Xiaomi Mi3 will not charge even though I tried all the methods. It does not charge even though it is off. Please help! My Mi3 is like my life. It now has 20% battery now. Plz tell me asap!

  • my phone could connect with any usb cable except one. and that one usb cable could also connect to any device except the phone; which is very weird. after reading this, I came to a conclusion that either (or even both) inner wirings/metal parts of it could be off due to wear and tear causing them not to connect properly. i somehow able to connect them if i insert it at a slight angle. i find this article very informative although i do not dare to mess with the inner parts to fix it.

  • I'm having problems with my Galaxy s3. It will only charge with a certain charger and i have to toy around with it in order for it to charge, it charges extremely slow and dies extremely quick. My husband went and bought a new charger, and the charger doesn't even charge my phone no matter what even i try playing around with the cord.
    WHAT COULD MY PROBLEM BE? My phone is a necessity and I cant keep having it plugged in 24/7 for it to die in an hour and I can't even touch it while its charging because the charger has to be a certain way.

    • my guess that the phone's wiring is faulty. never charge it for more than 5 hours as ive heard that phones get easily overheat. i'd get it fix if warranty is available, else get a replacement.

  • Im having problems with a htc wildfire s, I have tried new batteries, new chargers, new power sources and nothing is working please help

  • Thanks for the wonderful post. I am facing a issue with Samsung Duos. It is charging when connected by a USB to the computer but when the same USB is connected in the wall power socket of the phone it doesn't charge. I have used different chargers for the phone and also different phones for charging on the same wall charging point but the same problem persists. Why is the phone only charging on the USB and not on the wall power even on a properly functioning wall point?

  • The diy port fix was the best one. .It worked pretty well for me..thank you

  • This post still helps me these days.
    I want to thank you...a lot!
    Great job with the site and the app. I really love them and I think AndroidPit is the only app I check at least twice a day.
    Thank you again and keep up the good work!

  • Thank you sooooo sooo so much! All i needed to read was the first tip, and I didn't have to touch it much. Thank you, again! (: #satisfied

  • I was troubled with this problem for 3-4 days, your solution for uplifting of DIY USB port seems to have solved my headache. Thank you very for sharing the info.

  • Thanks so much for this - went to the local repair shop and they told me €200 to fix it- only bought the phone 6 months ago but can't find receipt cos we've just moved house. Tried the toothpick and eureka!! Very happy thanks

  • Wow! the toothpick thing actually works! I can't believe it! thanks :D

  • I have an HTC Incredible, and for the last few months, it seems to just shut off when I'm running any app even if there is more than 80% charge left. Now, I'm having an issue getting it to charge. Could I need a new phone? I've had this one since Dec of 2012.

  • My aunt's Samsung Grand hasn't been a year old. She has barely used it and she won't even notice for a day when the battery gets depleted. When that happens, it won't charge again unless I remove and replace the battery. Should I just tell her to avoid letting the battery get to 0% or is there another solution?

  • Ok so how do I level the tab on a Galaxy s4

  • thank you thank you thank you thank you

  • Hello Everyone I m so sad Bcz My Prestigo Multipad 8 Tablet is taking too long To Charge Often 14 Hours, I dont understand whats Problem, it Normally charges in 5 hours Completely, but from past 2 days It become too too Slow, I m Very Depressed abt that, I Did Cleaned My tablet Usb Port, I changed my Cable and also charger of my another mobile, but still it is Very slow, plz plz help now tell me what should i do,, Thanx in Advance

  • Thank you!!!
    DIY USB port fix - It worked!

  • Minor problem. My phone will only charge at times when using a charging block. It consistently works when plugged into my computer. I am using the same USB cable and i've used many different charging blocks, including ones i've purchased from Verizon.

  • i have about 6 chargers in home they all charged my mobile very well befora i update my s3 to the version 4.3 then they all didnt charge my mobile fast it could take about 6 hours to charge completely without using it ... then i returned the version 4.1.2 but stil no charger charges my mobile except one ...all these chargers charges all other devices very well but mine only one can charge it
    so the proplem is not with the chargers or the usb port ... any help

  • Kacee Jul 2, 2014 Link to comment

    My Samsung tablet 10.1 for a couple of days now restarts on it on several times a day. This started when I was watching a movie on it and the movie kept hanging/freezing up at certain parts til my tablet froze and that's how the auto restart issue began. I have deleted the movie and a few apps to free up space but yet the issue persists.

  • I used my Note 2's original charger a lot, and now they don't work together. The cable works with other phones, the phone works with other cables :) It seems the connecting points got used.

    • ''Familiarity breeds contempt'', as they say ;D

      At least you have the option of switching them out and getting more life out of both with other devices/accessories. Nice detective work!

  • No mention of software issues. I've had charging bugs in several custom ROMs that are only cured by powering down for a few minutes.

  • i have a s4 sometimes the battery charges fast amd sometimes it takes more than 4 hours to charge after i changed my battery the charging is good....

  • Hi there, I've just ran into this problem last night, it only charged up to 80 something percent which was enough to get me through the day but now it won't charge at all, I've tired several different cords and nothing. I tried the cleaning thing and still nothing. Kind of freaking out, I need my phone!

    • Hi @Charlotte, unfortunately when it gets to that stage it's possibly time for a new battery or professional advice. I'd say try another battery, clean all the connectors and do the cable swap but it sounds like you've done all these things already. If the phone won't even power on I'm kind of out of solutions and you might need a technician with proper tools to isolate the problem.

  • Wes M Jun 23, 2014 Link to comment

    Kris, yes, the charge icon is showing that the phone is charging. I will take it by the T-Mobile store after work. Thank you for the quick response.

  • Wes M Jun 23, 2014 Link to comment

    Hello, my Android phone is not charging. However, it indicates that it is charging even with the charger disconnected. I tried the above listed suggestions, including cleaning and removing the battery. Can you think of any other suggestions?


    • When you say it indicates that it is charging do you mean the LED lights up or the little charge icon on the system bar shows it is charging? You could try recalibrating the battery with an app called Battery Calibration (by NéMa), but it requires root permissions.

  • Hello, I have the nexus 4 and it hasnt been charging for the past week, I have tried using different cords ports and the charger its self and nothing seems to wor, is it possible to get battery or charging port on the phone fixed/replaced?

    • So it's been dead the whole time? That's a problem. If none of the above tips have helped you might need to take it to a service center or repair man. It's possible there's a loose connection somewhere or the battery has just died completely, but that would require an expert to resolve.

    • Hi my nexus 4 did the exact same thing looked on the net for a tutorial on how to take the back off and remove the battery and put it back in and it worked perfect so I would try that

  • I have a tablet and can't get the case of what do I do?

    • You don't need to remove the case to do the USB port trick in this tutorial. Is that what you mean?

      • Kacee Jul 2, 2014 Link to comment

        Oh ok Kris. I think I get what you mean. My phone is charging again now. I hope it stays that way. Thanks.

  • My phone hasn't been charging for some days, and I was quite upset. Ran into this article, did a little DIY USB Port Fix with a nail file, and Voila!, it is now charging again. Thank you very much!

  • Kris Jun 6, 2014 Link to comment

    I've been having a charging problem with my Samsung Galaxy3 for a while now. It seems like it's discharging the charge faster than it's taking it in. I have tried different cables as well as all of the solutions listed above. I even went out and bought a Duracell charging pad so I could try and charge it wirelessly. When I use that, it will start charging, and then it will vibrate to let me know that it has yet again stopped charging. I have tried a couple different places using the wireless charging pad, so I know it's not the wireless connection either. I have even changed the battery. Still doesn't want to charge. So very frustrating. If you could help me figure out why I'm having such charging problems, I'd be so grateful. As would my phone, seeing as how I'm now just barely holding myself back from running it over with my car :)

  • this problem is happening to me now this is the second time the first time I took my phone (htc evo 4g) to the store and they said they fixed the usb port. now when I charge it the notification light or the lightning symbol that appears on the battery icon that show that it is charging usually don't appear. its like my phone charges when it feels like it. sometimes it will just say discharging but I will admit I used to sleep with my phone charging overnight almost everyday. don't know if its the usb port or battery someone help please