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The HTC U11 Plus emerges from the shadows

Update: New leaked renders show similar U11 design

If you were following the tech news this past September, you must have read that HTC's mobile department was bought by Google. Contrary to what one might think, this doesn't mean that the Taiwanese manufacturer will stop manufacturing its own smartphones, as a new flagship is emerging from the shadows: the HTC U11 Plus. The latest news reveals a full video render that closely resembles the existing U11 design based on factory schematics.

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According to Frandroid, HTC is about to announce a new flagship phone. It is a successor to the HTC U11, called the "HTC U11 Plus". As its name suggests, it can only be an improved version of its predecessor, at least in appearance.

HTC U11 Plus: price and release date

When it comes to price, we will know the official word on November 2, as HTC has now sent out invitations to their "U" event in Taiwan. The unveiling is expected to present the U11 Plus and possibly a rumored Android One device, the U11 Life. The good news is that the price could be lower than the HTC U11, but many details are still shrouded in mystery. How much is it exactly? We'll find out in November.

htc nov2 invite
An official invite from HTC has been issued for a November 2 event. / ©

HTC U11 Plus: design and build quality

A new video showing a full 360 render has surfaced. Leaked from @OnLeaks and, the render shows only one visible difference from the U11: the fingerprint scanner is now on the back. Otherwise, the design reveals a genrally larger phablet-sized handset with the same liquid glass rear panel, and no headphone jack as well.

HTC U11 Plus: screen quality

First of all, it is important to point out that this future flagship uses a screen in 18:9 format (or 2:1, if you prefer), i. e. similar to what's offered by the competition. The LG G6 uses the same format, the LG V30 also, however the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and other recent high-end Samsung models use an 18.5:9 format. This leaves us with a 5.99-inch diagonal screen, which will delight multimedia fans. The recent leak by @OnLeaks confirms a 6-inch Quad HD+ panel.

It is rumored that the larger display will offer a bezel-less, full screen display much like the iPhone X. We'll just have to wait and see on November 2 unless any reputable leaks surface.

AndroidPIT HTC U 11 4685
The screen of the HTC U11 Plus will be larger than that of the HTC U11 / © AndroidPIT

HTC U11 Plus: specifications

The technical characteristics of the HTC U11 Plus are expected to be similar to those of the HTC U11 and, more generally, to other end-of-year flagships. A Snapdraqon 835 will power the device, 64 or 128 GB of internal memory for data storage and 4 to 6 GB of RAM to enable fast multitasking. That's a whole lot of RAM, following the current industry trend, which seems to push higher numbers more for commercial (and psychological) reasons than real technical added value.

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The HTC U11 Plus needs to stand out from the crowd if HTC is to maintain its good reputation after the Google deal
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HTC U11 Plus: features

Several little extras are proposed, such as IP68 certification (which is now standard on flagships), and the presence of Edge Sense is confirmed although its usefulness is subject to debate.

HTC U11 has plenty of fans, do you think it's a worthy rival to the S8?

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We'll be keeping you up to date as more details emerge in the run up to November. Now that HTC has handed over a significant amount of its smartphone talent to Google, the HTC U11 Plus will be the true test of the Taiwanese company's ability to hold its own in the mobile industry.

Do you think that HTC still has what it takes to make great smartphones? Are you excited for the HTC U11 Plus?

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  • D. L. 3 weeks ago Link to comment

    Judging by the vote totals, I'd say HTC definitely has a good chance of staying competitive. Ever since HTC touch pro 2 I've been a fan (yes, I know it ran windows 6.5) , thru HTC EVO 4g LTE and now HTC m9 I'll get another HTC branded phone next year. Because I get my phone for virtually nothing through Sprint (legacy unlimited plan) I'm running about 1- 2yrs behind releases, but I'm on Nougat 7.0 now, which even if I had one that started there, I'd likely be waiting another year for Oreo anyways. That's actually pretty good, considering I started at 5.0 lollipop.

    The only os I missed along the way, was kitkat, but EVO did get 4.1 jellybean, which meant, I didn't miss too much. I actually miss my old jellybean. But, to HTC 's credit, they did update or patched many of the worst vulnerabilities long after they could have stopped.

  • If this phone is finally handled by ALL carriers in the US it may sell very well. This one carrier baloney has to stop. Advantage LG, Samsung, & Apple. If HTC fails again in this department again they will wind up with another great phone that nobody bought. The 10 & 11 have suffered that fate. How long will the 1.1 billion last without marketing & advertising. Proper carrier distribution remains yet another big factor!

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