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New Huawei Phones to Feature Gesture Control
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New Huawei Phones to Feature Gesture Control

If you were impressed by the idea of gesture control on your Android, Huawei wants to be your new best friend. The massive Chinese company says it's investing a chunk of its R&D to allow "three dimensional interaction" with devices using the stereo front-facing cameras and a powerful GPU to "make sense of the dual video feed," allowing the phone to monitor your gestures for touchless commands.

Now, there is already an app out there called Wave Control that allow you to control your Android using just your bare hands, but it isn't super intuitive to use. I looked like I was swatting away flies when I put the app to the test, as it required multiple fast hand movements to accomplish any task (such as switching a damn song on the music app).

I would love to be able to answer calls with a wave of the hand, but for other more complicated tasks, it's quite challenging to imagine how a flip of the wrist would be easier than a swipe of the finger.

In any case, this isn't the only trick up Huawei's sleeve. Besides the name-change rumors, the company is also apparantly working on a cloud computing project thzat will "change the economics of storage by an order of a magnitude." Sounds like Google Drive on steroids.

When do YOU think it would be useful to be able to control your Android without actually touching the device?

Source: Engadget

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