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Huawei keeps calm and carries on making smartphones
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Huawei keeps calm and carries on making smartphones

In these troubled times when relations between China and the United States are strained, rumors are spreading and it is difficult to distinguish between true and false. Huawei would like to reassure us today that it has no intention of stopping production.

A report recently announced that Foxconn was closing some production lines. This situation, considered as the direct consequence of the conflict between the United States and the Chinese giant Huawei, had caused much speculation after confirmation that Huawei's suppliers are breaking ties.

Huawei had not wanted to say too much at this stage, but according to Forbes, production has not stopped. Huawei said that its "international production levels are normal, there is no change in any direction".

Huawei 01
This is a difficult situation for Huawei. / © J. Lekavicius/Shutterstock

But what about the future? Will new suppliers emerge? It is difficult to say at the moment, perhaps it is only a matter of time before changes are seen on the production. Huawei probably has reserves, and just under 90 days to continue shopping, but then what?

Anyway, the China-US conflict could be good for Apple, which is seeing things in a positive light: Tim Cook (Apple's boss, editor's note) thinks that China will not attack him while his company is in the front line. He told Reuters that he doesn't think China will attack Apple, that it hasn't taken any action against the company and that it shouldn't in the future.

Source: Forbes, Reuters


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  • Abrar 2 weeks ago Link to comment

    They have a potential to compete with android os or Google.

  • I guess their quest to be the #1 smartphone OEM has been put on hold. Every company under the sun is cutting ties with Huawei. Sure they will develop their own OS but the biggest set back is ARM. So the question remains where do they go from here?

    • Very good question! I would say any market they are not affected by such as China, Russia, Central America, South America, the Middle East (any ctountry that's not boycotting Huawei will continue to conduct business with them).

      Do I want a device that acts like it has Android but doesn't have Android? Nope! Especially if I don't have access to Google Play Store. But that won't deter others (and yes I am disappointed as a consumer, but China needs to own up on it's illegal activities).