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Is Motorola on the right track with its smartphone material choice?

Is Motorola on the right track with its smartphone material choice?

Up until now, the choices for materials that your smartphone was made out of were relatively straightforward: glass, aluminum, or polycarbonate. But what about one of the materials that we’ve been using for generations and generations? Motorola has recognized the value of using wood in its electronic devices and has begun to offer their Moto X with a wood back for a small fee. It looks absolutely amazing, but is this something that other companies will start to emulate or is Motorola on the wrong track? 

nexus 5 moto x galaxy s 4 holz wood
The wood treatment across devices: beautiful. / © Google, Motorola, Samsung/AndroidPIT=

Yeah, yeah, yeah. The debate is pretty tiresome nowadays and some of the most major news in regards to the latest Samsung Galaxy S5 has been about which material it would be made out of. Polycarbonate? Metal? Glass? Who knows? Samsung has even pulled a rabbit out of a hat recently with their unveiling of the Galaxy Note 3 and their faux-leather backing.

nexus galaxy wood
Nexus 5 (left) and Galaxy S4 (right). / © Google, Samsung/AndroidPIT

As such, wood can be amazingly beautiful if presented and treated properly. Good woodworking projects are a true testament to this and now Motorola has provided the same quality for their Moto X. As of last month, you can now get the wood options for customized backing on the Moto X through the Moto Maker. Initially, the price was a bit steep at an additionally $100 dollars that you had to shell out, but it has since been reduced to $25. Out of the options, you’ve got bamboo, ebony, teak, and walnut to choose from.

z1 one wood
Xperia Z1 (left) and HTC One (right). / © Sony, HTC/AndroidPIT

Right now, as with most things Moto X, this option is only available within the Moto Maker and residents of the United States, but it should just be a matter of time before it is expanded into other countries as the Moto X makes its international debut.

So, given the choice, what do you think about a wood backing? Is it something that you’d jump on board if given the option for other devices? 

Source: Motorola Blog

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  • Can't wait till these shells arrive for the Moto G :)

  • Glass is tough, yet brittle. That is why children should never have smartphones. Worst combination: Nexus4/iPhone4 and a child.

  • I would prefer the Glass, it a kind of gives a nice look, and of course it will be durable and last long...

  • I have said this before. And I can only repeat it again.

    I had a dishwashingmachine with my x girlfriend.
    All the big spoons we used for cooking, went into the machine once a day.
    They were made out of bamboo, and began to crack after a little over two year.

    Taking that into how good wooden materials are. I would say that a 100% bamboo phone.
    Is a phone that will last a long time. As you don't ever, wash a phone one or two times a day, like I did with the bamboo spoons.

    On the other hand. A phone made of pine, will not last that long.
    Pinewood did crack and deteriate after a couple of months in the machine.

    Metal, plastic, glass and bamboo is a big plus in my book.
    Pine and oak is a big no.

    • That is true. I definitely don't think it would work for the type of usage that I put my phone through (tons of time outside, particularly in the snow). I do, however, like the look tremendously. Really sleek.

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