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New LG G3 buyers to get free VR headset

LG is giving away free VR headsets to customers who buy the LG G3, complete with a free Virtual Reality game. The Virtual Reality headset, called VR for G3, is based on the Google Cardboard design (you weren't expecting something on the level of Gear VR, were you?), which means that it will likely use the same software as Google's frugal VR solution.

androidpit vr for g3
Escape to Virtual Reality with this free VR headset for the LG G3/ © LG

VR for G3 doesn't have internal speakers or a processor, so will rely on the power of your G3 to deliver its VR experience. You'll also be able to pair the headset up with some Bluetooth speakers, helping you get immersed in whatever VR dreamworld you're visiting.

The free game that comes with the headset is RoboBliteration, which would normally set you back a whopping $0.99. It's a twin stick-style shooter in the Asteroids mold, but optimized to work best for those in possession of a VR headset. The game can be unlocked using the QR code in the headset's box.

There's no news yet on when or where the headset will be available (apart from “selected markets”), but we've contacted LG to get more info on whether you'll be able to get your hands on one.

Is the prospect of the VR of G3 tempting you to pick up the LG flagship?


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  • wow, just abit late, i already bought my LG G3

    • Damn, unlucky timing! Still, you can always get Google Cardboard if you need some VR in your life...

      ... and don't mind looking a bit sillier than you would wearing LG's headset.

  • Heck ya! The LG G3 is primo, but I already began looking for my new phablet
    in other names. Now I am lured back to the giant with the question of should I await the G4, or go ahead and allow the G3 to show me it's awesome powers. I wonder how much more powerful the G4 will be than the G3... I should probably wait not knowing