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Nokia 8 coming soon to a store near you

When Nokia decided to join the Android gang, it didn't do things half-heartedly. In a relatively short amount of time, it has launched quite a number of devices and two more are on their way: the Nokia 8 and Nokia 9. There has been a bit more hubub about the Nokia 9, but the Nokia 8 has stayed relatively under the radar. Until now.

Once again, Evan Blass is at the source of the leak. He's shown us something that he thinks may be the next Nokia flagship. It looks rather nice actually, the glass edges are rounded and the camera on the rear looks quite elegant. Certain rumors are suggesting a 5.7-inch display, others say 5.3 inches. The smaller option would be interesting because it would imply that Nokia is putting forward a medium-sized screen albeit the general trend of increasing screen size, as seen in other recent flagship devices (take a look at the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the LG G6).

A video has also been making the rounds, showing the device under different angles and confirming the photo leak.

The device bears the code name TA-1012. Benchmarking tests hint at some promising tech specs: Qualcomm's octa-core processor (Snapgradon 835) and 4GB RAM memory. In short, it ticks the boxes for a standard 2017 flagship device.

When will the Nokia 8 officially be unveiled, you ask? According to Roland Quandt, we won't have to wait long: it looks like it could be launched at the end of the month - it looks like it'll be July 31 - at a retail price around $600. If we believe the rumors, then we only have 2 weeks to wait!

What do you think about Nokia's new smartphone? Think it stands a chance against this year's other flagships? 



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  • So glad Nokia was returning to compete again in the mobile market,but HMD better speed up the release of there phones or Nokia will be struggling again,Nokia always produced good camera phones,but the screen size of the Nokia 8 might be a little smaller than the others,but we might get the Nokia 9 later in the year with a larger screen,we will dying to read any review of the Nokia 8 to see if it can really compete in the premium phone market,hope it does,as the old N8 or N82 were brilliant symbian phones i still have now,because the N82 offered xenon flash that nobody offers now days,an amazing photos in dark areas

  • Design looks a little dated but priced accordingly, flagship specs and stock android, perfect replacement for Nexus..

  • Looking forward to seeing this phone. I only hope that they are able to improve their distribution and availability of it vs the many months that it took to have ready availability of the 3,5,&6.

    Very nice to see a Nokia phone by HMD beyond the low end SnapDragon 400 series.

  • Mark
    • Mod
    3 days ago Link to comment

    Please Nokia give us at least one with a removable battery.

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