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Nokia: Lumia phones with Android exist internally
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Nokia: Lumia phones with Android exist internally

You can say goodbye to Nokia as a stand-alone smartphone manufacturer and many users are downright angry about recent news which was published in the New York Times: before being taken over by Microsoft, Nokia was in the midst of making smartphones running on the Android operating system and in fact, they already exist! By the end of 2014, these were supposed to become an official reality. However that is now too little, too late.

Nokia Lumia 920 android
This dream of ours will never become reality: a Nokia Lumia running on Android 4.3. / © Nokia/AndroidPIT

Though we cannot completely confirm much about these Nokia Android phones, some are saying that these would have been available next year, much to the pleasure of many AndroidPIT readers. This feeling of hope was intensified with the knowledge that at the end of 2014, the partners contract between Microsoft and Nokia would come to an end, which would then offer the Finnish company a chance to disembark. (Why didn't Nokia choose Android in the first place?)

It really isn't any new news that Nokia was considering the possibility of manufacturing Android phones and should not come as a big surprise. The anonymous insider who tipped off the New York Times confirmed that this project was more than something they were merely pondering. In fact, the company was actively performing internal tests. Everyone knew, even Microsoft, however this played no role in the acquisition talks between the two companies (Microsoft bought Nokia for 7.18 Bil)

Functioning Android devices would have undoubtedly strengthened Nokia's position on the market, which now depends on their acquisition by Microsoft or the renewal of the exclusive partnership. Ultimately about 80 percent of all Windows Phones are Nokia smartphones; in the event of the Finnish company ending their close relationship with Microsoft, this would have a heavy impact on the latter and Windows Phones.

nokia android
The previous Nokia Boss Stephen Elop (left) and Microsoft Head Honcho, Steve Ballmer. / © AndroidPIT

All the same, the sobering fact still remains that the Microsoft operating system, which Nokia has been obliged to use since 2011, has definitely not brought an upward swing. Therefore it wouldn't seem too far-fetched after these 3 years for the Android OS to be at least considered as an option and not have all Nokia phones exclusively come with Microsoft, if at all.

We've heard that many users would have really been keen on getting their hands on a Lumia (Nokia Lumia 1020) running on Android, since in fact they managed to make a really good smartphone (Lumia design innovative?). The only thing that turned many away, myself included, was the operating system, which really only belongs to a special niche group. The whole story about Nokia devices running on Android is and remains wishful thinking since the latter will never happen under Microsoft's roof. At least not until the Windows Phone OS has officially flunked.

Do you think that Nokia would be more successful if they switched to Android?


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  • I tried WP for 10 months simply because I wanted a Lumia. The camera on the Lumia's are ridiculously better than any Android option and I found myself taking lots of pictures of my family so I really wanted WP to work. The WP phone experience vs Android is night and day. Android is intuitive, robust, functional, convenient, and modern. WP is for all intents and purposes the opposite of all those. Anyone who has seriously used both gmail and outlook can attest to this. Notification bar was just released in windows 8.1 and only a fraction of WP users have even received that update. What would take 2 steps in Android would take 6 in WP. While this wasn't a deal breaker for me, many of the WP aps are simply watered down version of the mobile browser. The ebay app for WP is a joke compared to Android. While there are some good things about WP OS, the bad things far outweigh them.

    I agree with the author of this article. It is absolute shame that Android doesn't appear to be coming to Nokia. The Lumia phones are incredible pieces of hardware and their optics are vastly superior to anything Apple or Android has on the market.

  • WP belongs to a special niche group really ?? Then who does IOS belong to ???!!! WP is an amazing platform try it before you judge it

  • They might have been more successful, but what Nokia with Windows gives us consumers is choice. I dumped Nokia when they dumped Symbian, I was not a fan of them dumping the most successful mobile OS in the decade that straddled the millennium. Symbian invented the concept of an app and app store! But when they dumped Symbian there was no going back, Samsung and HTC were already heavily embedded in Android, so while Nokia could have competed at the very beginning now I think its better that they have a USP in Windows than try and muscle in on crowded territory with Samsung and HTC. With blackberry looking more dead by the day, and HTC approaching heart attack territory its important we have another strong competitor to Apple and Samsung.