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Pokémon Go update finally lets you trade your Pokémon

Pokémon Go update finally lets you trade your Pokémon

Pokémon Go became a mammoth success virtually from day one, and while Niantic's blockbuster mobile AR game isn't quite the cultural phenomenon it started out as, it still gets plenty of love and updates. Two years on, Pokémon Go is finally getting a much desired new feature: trading.

Niantic has announced on its blog that trading will be coming to the game soon as part of Pokémon Go’s big summer update, which will also add a new friend feature to the augmented reality mobile hit. Trading is a big part of the Pokémon series in general, and was promised to be a part of Pokémon Go since 2016. Needless to say, many fans will be happy to finally see it arrive.

Catch 'em all with the power of friendship

Trading is tied in to a new social "friends" feature which lets players develop in-game relationships. To add a friend, you’ll need their trainer code. Then they can accept a request to be added to your new friends list (which is currently capped at 200, but likely to expand in the future).

Can you put a number on friendship? Of course! You can increase your friend level with other trainers by joining forces for gym and raid battles and by exchanging gifts, another feature bundled with the update. You can check Pokéstops for gifts to share with friends. Some items, such as the new 7 km eggs for exclusive Alola Pokémon, will only be available through gifting (no, you can't buy a gift and decide to unwrap it for yourself), and an increasing friend level will net you additional in-game bonuses. 

AndroidPIT pokemon go outside test 4
Pokémon Go was always fun with friends, but now its fun and beneficial. / © AndroidPIT

Even the most social among you can't rush the relationships, though. You can increase your friendship level once per day per friend, starting at Good Friend and going all the way up to Best Friend (awww!).

How trading works

To trade with a friend, you need to have a Trainer level of 10 or higher and actually be physically close enough to each other. Trading Pokémon will get you bonus candy, but cost stardust, though the cost decreases with close friends. Shiny or Legendary Pokémon (or ones that just aren't in your Pokédex) require a more expensive Special Trade, limited to a Great or Best Friend.

The update should be coming to you over the next week, so maybe it's time to reach out to your old buddies you haven't seen in a while and remind them how much you love them.

Have you kept playing Pokémon Go? What new features do you want to see? Let us know in the comments. 

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  • Hello, here is Pokémon GO 0.53.1 version January update!

  • Yahya Jan 20, 2017 Link to comment

    I wonder if people still playing this game

  • Is Pokemon Go available in South Africa because the area where I there is not really any pokestops or gyms

  • Yahya Dec 15, 2016 Link to comment

    Please can you stop with this "children's" game.
    Sheep mentality at its best...

    Peace ✌


  • Can i play it in india

  • Yes

  • Whilst the game may not be to everyones liking it does have its benefits. Many people who look at the game see it as simple with no real game play, its obviously not call of duty. but its is getting people out of there seats where they used to be stuck in front of a tv for hours. I see groups of people walking and playing this game, exercising, having fun outside. Thats a good thing, period. i am sure the concept will now be used by other games manufacturers now that 360 views are becoming more popular, call of duty outside anyone?

  • I was also curious about the user base - googling indicates it has been declining from the initial pop but still apparently has more active users than Clash of Clans and the other most popular games - in fact that user base comparison might be an interesting report. I'd suggest it should be treated in the pack of popular games now - don't need a report on every developer fart and burp but major updates or a move to wearables or other platforms seems newsworthy.

  • Mark
    • Admin
    Oct 6, 2016 Link to comment

    I absolutely agree with Mark G. please stop posting this garbage. You are demeaning your web site with this trash of a game, it is utter stupidity. I am so proud to be able to say I never played it.

  • Thanuj Sep 30, 2016 Link to comment

    who still plays Pokémon GO?😂

  • Sorry, but after the previous update where they suddenly no longer allowed rooted phones (and in the process also blocking numerous non-rooted phones, with f.e. the Cyanogen(Mod)-version of the Android OS), this game is nearly dead. While before I saw numerous people daily hanging out at the tripple pokemon stop near my home, now its permanently empty there.
    Fun's over. Nothing to see here. Move along. Next please.

  • Great Description.

  • Please can you stop with this "children's" game.
    Sheep mentality at its best...

    Peace ✌

  • I can't update the game in Barcelona yet D:

  • Updated on MM but not on 5.0x yet (Note 3).

  • Sir can u put just 1 Gym battle here in our town San Jose Dinagat Islands.. plz sir ty more power.. :D

  • Could you please put pokestops and gyms in our town in Burgos, La Union, Philippines. No Pokestops and Gyms in our area. I have tried using incense there but no Pokemons...

  • Can you add some pokestops near me in worthington by the Korger please, Thank You So Much

  • but how to fix ar problem ??? plz help me :(

  • I want pokevison back please and thank you? and if get pokevison back i will pay 40 cents.

  • how long until the trading will work.

  • when will be able to catch mew and mewtwo?


  • I do not play Pokemon but I am conserved about (young?) players being obsessed "seeing" a Pokemon in the streets and forget about their safety. Being so busy catching a Pokemon and cross over a busy street for instance.
    Be careful for your safety please. A game is not worth getting in weelchairs or to die for!

  • For God's sake people get a grip!

  • Hello. At the moment i play from an apk i found online since although i have the right requirements the game appear as not compatible with my device. I hope in the future they will make compatible with all devices that can run it (i have one friend that runs it with 786 RAM, and i have compatibility issues with 2 GB). I hope the next update will fix game crash when pokemon is not caught. And i hope i will not get a ban since i asked them to make my asus zenfone max compatible with pokemon go, admitting i play from a rogue apk.

    • Hi Alexandru, I've added a section at the bottom of this article linking to the latest APK. If you try it out, let me know how you go.

  • For all of you pokemon go fans that have a battery drain problem. Connect to wifi and go in to Google/Apple maps and download offline map data. It will make it so you dont have to download the map as you go and saves a ton of resources on your phone. Allowing you to have smoother and faster game play.

  • In the region that I live
    There are no pokestops
    If just they would add some
    It would be quite good

  • I agree with all do some radar fixing or improve it where some how it gives u a hint or something in witch way the pokemon is at some kind of heading and fix some other bugs diffiently would b kool to b able to battle wild pokemon then b able to catch and how about to be able to see other trainers on ur hunt and be able to trade or battle for candy or exp or both and maybe add something where u can battle wild pokemon and get coins or trainers or have one of those one pokemon is worth 5 or 10 coins but the same pokemon don't have coins 5:3 ratio just something but I do like the game

    • also to add onto yours I think gyms should have a certain cap on the cp that you can allow in. in some gyms it will be higher some be lower so that everyone just joining the game isn't getting destroyed right out the gate.

  • My only concerns are fast and big battery drains very fast and second is that our country has a poor internet connectivity so I suggest that let Pokemon Go playable both online and offline.

    • i do think the battery issue is a big thing but the problem with online/offline is that offline will more than likely never be a thing since it locates your gps using the internet so offline would be more like the actual pokemon game than this

  • I like the game, but the lack of communication between niantics and players about maintenance and updates and bug fixes is something that I'm not a fan of at all. You have a huge fan base, interact with them more. So much time and effort went in to creating the game, it just seems like a waste of your time and fans time when there is a huge lack of communication. On another note. I'd like to be able to battle others on an at will basis. I should be able to see other trainers and then should be able to feel free to challenge them. You can battle in other games, why not this one. Gym battle schemes should be updated to turn based battling as well as battles outside the gym . And upon winning the battle we should get bonus prizes or extra candies. It's a great game, just needs detail work.

  • India is waiting for pokemon go .......please lauch it.......😣😣😣

  • Beyond the known bugs and glitches I would like to see a fix to the android AR as i cant use my camra on my android run LG tribute 2 ....i would also like to see a bit more user friendlie radar system...also it not only eats your battery even with the battery saver on ..but makes your phone ridiculously hot...i love the game and i wasn't a pokemon fan befor...but definately am now...the micro transactions arent to ridiculous ..but maybe since the rarer pokies dont show up all the time maybe add an ability to either buy candys or maybe trade candys you have for other candys you need ( like maybe if you need pika candys but only seem to be able to find drowzees and weedles you could trade two or three weedle candies for one pika candy) cause honestly i work third shift five days a week 8 1\2 to 9 hours a day and dont get to play nearly as much as i would like to which gives some players quite the advantage if they dont work or have a more agreeable schedule quite an advantage ...also i would love to see more poke stops in my town of Pataskala ,Ohio as many of them are in places with limited hours such as a park or golf course and maybe a stats page with all your stats ...all in all though i still have a lot of fun playing the game and cant wait to see it once its more polished

    • I agree. My phone can't use the camera to see Pokemon either

    • I live in union city Ohio and there are only 4 pokestop but they are several miles away

    • I’m damn right with you
      I have an lg magna and my phone becomes really hot
      I can’t even hold the mobile .
      And my game really lags
      Example a few days ago
      I was walking down the street
      I found a catapie
      I tried to catch it
      I threw the pokeball at it
      And it even touched
      It said that catapie was captured
      Then the game got out by itself
      Many something abt ram
      And I didn’t caught it!!!
      #robert deeds

  • I would like to be able to trade Pokémon with others and battle other trainers like in the other games Nintendo made. The one major bug that concerns me is the threw footsteps, it didn't do that before the last update. I can try to track a Pokémon using the nearby page but it's not easy. And the starter Pokémon along with pickachu are always running away or disappearing before I find where they are at

  • Millions of fans in India are waiting for the official launch in our country, when will it be released in India?

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