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Poll Results: Galaxy Note 8 is your dream phablet
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (US-version) Hardware Google 2 min read 8 comments

Poll Results: Galaxy Note 8 is your dream phablet

A high-end phablet promises us the mobile device of our dreams. High specs, big screen, quality cameras and all the latest tech innovations. Right now there are two strong contenders for the ultimate phablet of 2017—the Google Pixel 2 XL, and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

The larger of the new Pixels from Google is the latecomer to the fight, which gave the Note 8 more time to win over hearts and minds. But it's bringing a lot to the table. Among its key strengths are a phenomenal AI-assisted camera, and seamless compatibility with the raw Android OS and Google's ecosystem of many popular apps.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8, on the other hand, is packing fantastic hardware specs and an impressively stylish design. The use of the S-pen adds a lot of fun functionality, and the ability to use it as your desktop by means of the DeX didn't go unappreciated by us either.

We asked you, the readers, which of the two was your preferred choice, and although it was a close race, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 emerged with a solid win.

Galaxy Note 8: the people's choice. / © AndroidPIT

It looks like the Samsung Galaxy Note 8's all-round quality keeps it popular among high-end users despite the emergence of strong competition into the market. Fans of the Pixel 2 XL tout the pure Android experience, but many still feel that it lacks some premium features compared to the Galaxy Note 8.

Of course, there are other options out there, and plenty of users are also declaring their love for the LG V30.

Do you agree with the majority? Which features do you think are most important in a phablet?



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  • samsung note 8 is a great phone, but it does not have the google assistant, which is a deal breaker for me, pixel might not be flashy or amazing looking, or even as fast (if you want to talk ram) as the note 8, but if you plan to use the phone for a year, it doesnt lag like the note 8, it gets the software directly from google, months before samsung, its not a loss, just pros and cons that you are willing to take

    • Of course it has Google Assistant, and two ways to launch it. As for updates, I'd rather have what's stable now than be the first to alpha test what Google releases as soon as they're ready to release it.

  • No wireless charging, no buy. It's that simple. Google eliminated themeselves before any reviews were in.

    • i would love the wireless charging for pixel but it's not that important for me, even when i have a wireless charging pad built into my car( 2016 prius), i dont use it that often, i dont know how you use it.

  • Hell yes this the #1 by far in my book if u want a big phone tht looks and feel small all at the same time THTS is it N8!

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is one of the best mobile launched by Samsung. I think it is more functional and reasonable to buy then the Google Pixel 2. I love to have a Phablet like this, wishing to have a one from someone! :D