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Poll: Did the Galaxy S9 live up to your expectations?

Poll: Did the Galaxy S9 live up to your expectations?

To say that the Samsung Galaxy S9 was eagerly anticipated would be putting it lightly. After a lot of rumors, hopes and hype, the flagship has made its debut. While some are pleased with the smartphone, others are underwhelmed or even disappointed. In this week's poll, we want to know what you think of the S9.

When I first laid eyes on the Galaxy S9, it felt like déjà vu. While the device is definitely as stunning as its predecessor, and it is packing some great specs, I didn't get the rush of excitement I was expecting because not much had changed. I was hoping for a fresher design, more exciting new features and maybe even for the Bixby button to get the axe. Instead, the S9 seems like it's just an S8 with some iterative innovations which don't make it worth the upgrade, at least in my opinion. I was surprised to be a bit underwhelmed by the device, and I doubt I'm the only one. 

It seems the latest addition to the Galaxy S series is missing some of the things AndroidPIT readers wanted most from the successor to the S8. About a month ago, before the Galaxy S9 was revealed, we asked our readers what they most wanted to see from the upcoming flagship in a poll. The top response? An in-display fingerprint sensor. As I'm sure you've heard by now, that certainly didn't happen. To their credit, the kind folks at Samsung did move the rear fingerprint sensor to a more sensible location. The second most common answer was a more affordable price. When the S8 launched, the best deal you could get was $720, and now you can pre-order the unlocked S9 for the same price from Samsung. I guess we should all just be thankful the price didn't skyrocket.

Did you get all the features you were hoping for from the S9? Share your thoughts with us in the poll!

Did the Samsung Galaxy S9 live up to your hopes and expectations?
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Let us know what your first impressions of the S9 were in the comments below!

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  • Pat Mar 13, 2018 Link to comment

    It has been my experience that the Note's don't change much for 2-3 years, then come out with a game changer. I started with the Note 2 and skipped 3 because there wasn't enough change to warrant the expense. Got the 4 and I still have it because I didn't see enough change in 5 or 6 to tempt me and then 7 self destructed. I believe the 4 is the best Note up to the 8 and I plan on getting the 8 when it comes down in price, which will probably be when the 9 comes out. I don't expect the 9 to be a big upgrade from the 8, but I'm frequently wrong which explains why I don't have enough money to buy a new phone every year.

  • I use the s8+, probably the best phone I've ever used. I had considered the s9+ because of the 845 processer, 6gb's, camera, stereo speaker's. That all sounds great but it just seems like a minimal upgrade. My plus is a year old & just as fast as the day I bought it. So I'm just gonna wait for the note9, never owned one before & I do like the s-pen. More than likely wait for the re-designed s10. I could easily go another year!

  • Samsung have just done the same path As Apple again,just use the same phone design and offer updates in the camera and speakers,early 2018 so there no use of jumping in a purchase the S9 models,will Samsung do the same with the future Note 9?

  • storm Mar 11, 2018 Link to comment

    Yes, because my expectations were very low.

    No, because Samsung is pursuing fluff, filler, and meaningless differentiation rather than user driven design. Expandable storage, replaceable battery, full spec USB C, multiple ports, waterproof, toughness.

    Instead we get curved edges, too much glass, needless amounts of rf interfering aluminum, bixby button, update clogging duplicate bloatware and so on.

  • Very Disappointed. I am looking for 2 things and most phones have one. only Motorola has the other. and that is Waterproof and Shatterproof. Why can't any other phone makers do this. Motorola has this advantage but falls behind in everything else. I was really hoping the s9 and s9+ would have had the second feature. I guess I will be waiting on the LG G7 in hopes it has both.

  • Aaaaa Nope not no don't care note 8 is my baby most happy very much so !

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