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Apple scales down production of iPhone XR due to low demand
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Apple scales down production of iPhone XR due to low demand

With the third new iPhone - the iPhone XR, Apple wanted to take the Christmas shopping business by storm. However, the Cupertino company apparently over-estimated the demand for this 'budget' iPhone. Apple has had to reduce production in order not to sit on a pile iPhones this holiday season.

Apple itself doesn't publish precise sales figures for the various models, but the message from suppliers is clear: the iPhone XR isn't selling as well as expected. Therefore the production will be scaled down and fewer iPhones will be produced. According to reports, Foxconn had planned 60 production lines for the iPhone XR, but now only 45 of them are being implemented - a reduction of 25 percent. The reduction is to affect around 100,000 units per day, which will no longer be produced.

Last year's iPhone 8 outshines the iPhone XR

Meanwhile the iPhone 8 has profited significantly from the weakness of the iPhone XR. Apple is still selling the previous generation iPhone and is now producing it again in larger quantities. At Foxconn, 5 million more iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus units per quarter are coming off the production line than originally planned. Apple currently builds 25 million copies of the two 2017 iPhones per quarter.

Which iPhone is the best smartphone Apple has ever produced in your opinion? And are you surprised by the low demand for the iPhone XR?


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  • I have a Xr and I like it. In many ways I like it better than my OP6.

  • Well duh! Whatever made Apple think that a $749 iPhone would attract bargain hunters in volume? If you're willing to spend that much for an iPhone, then you're just as likely to step up to one of the XS variants. Now if they could sell the XR for $549, then I think they'd get the sales volume they were hoping for. But reducing per-phone margin is clearly still not their thing.

  • Wouldn't buy an iphone if you payed me.

  • The last gen iphone, as with most last gen smartphones in general, from a costs/benefits ratio, are usually a better option. Last gen typically has any hardware problems solved, comes with the latest (in apples case) firmware and your bang-for-buck is better.
    I haven't bought a first gen phone since the original Samsung Note. I wait for the next year's phone, then buy last year's phone.

  • If I were in the market for an iPhone, I'd get the 7. Apple products are way overpriced.