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Redmi K20 (Pro) is actually Pocophone F2 (Pro)?
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Redmi K20 (Pro) is actually Pocophone F2 (Pro)?

Redmi, a sub-brand of Xiaomi, has just launched K20 and K20 Pro in China. Recent rumors indicate that they may be coming to Europe under another name and another brand. What if they're called Pocophone F2 and F2 Pro?

Xiaomi is diversifying its offering of IoT devices and smartphones by presenting a myriad of new dedicated brands. We have Mijia, Yi Technologies, Pocophone and the recently announced Redmi brand named after Xiaomi's mid-range smartphone range.

Redmi immediately showed to be able to introduce on the market smartphones with phenomenal value for money as Redmi Note 7 and the new flagships called K20 and K20 Pro. However, although the brand is officially present in Europe and in our country, it seems that the two new K-series smartphones could be brought to the old continent not only under another name, but under the wing of a different brand!

The source indicates as almost certain the arrival of smartphones under the name of Pocophone F2 and Pocophone F2 Pro, where of course the Pro version will be the one equipped with SoC Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 while the basic model will use the less powerful but still very good Snapdragon 730.

redmi k20 pro 4
Aesthetically Redmi K20 and K20 Pro are eye-catching but do not recall the style of Pocophone. / © Redmi

It would certainly be an interesting choice because the two new Redmi K20 as well as focusing on the excellent performance and good battery life, aim to surprise with an elegant design and able to attract attention. This is actually the opposite of what Pocophone F1 has done by not taking too much care of the design to deliver into the hands of users only what really matters in terms of performance.

Would you like Pocophone F2 and F2 Pro to be the same as Redmi K20 and K20 Pro or would you prefer an evolution of F1?


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  • I really hope the F2 will be much like the F1. Preferably plastic housing, sd855, smaller/no notch and cheap. No need to go down the oneplus path.

  • I'm a big fun of xiaomi. I hope this will not affect F series. I like and this luxury pop up camera model. I want also to continue F series philosophy. Please xiaomi let us more options

  • I'm disappointed. The pocophone concept could easily have been continued. There was nothing wrong with the polycarbonate design and a high quality LCD screen that the F1 sported. This has come with the glass sandwich design, they've ditched the SD slot - big mistake - and put in an amoled but the price reflects this. The Samsung S10E can be had for the same price as the 256 GB version of the k20 pro but the s10e has 128gb internal and a dedicated SD slot. This represents better value to me really. It's very disappointing. Xiaomi basically bowed down to the critics who had a go at no NFC and a "cheaper" build quality. I love my pocophone F1 and would have been quite happy to have an identical phone with a smaller notch, same build quality and maybe add NFC. They could have kept the price down. I got my pocophone F1 for 281 euros for the 6gb/128gb version. I'm really disappointed and also not a fan of moving parts on cameras. I'd quite happily pay up to 500 if I felt that the value was there. I don't think it is. This is a real step back. The pocophone F1 created huge waves. A winning formula. This is just a case of let's join the pack.

  • According to the official Xiaomi Community Forum the K20 Pro is going to be released outside of China as the MI 9T which makes a lot more sense than releasing it as a Pocophone.

    • Mi 9T is the vanilla K20 with the sd730. It's already selling on eglobalcentral.fr as this.

  • I'd prefer something more like the F1. I don't care at all about appearance or feel, and I prefer plastic over glass for the body. I want a phone that works and doesn't waste my money on stuff like a glass back or a "pretty" body that I'm going to hide in a case anyway.

    • It's pretty certain that this story is wrong. According to Xiaomi the K20 Pro will be released as a new MI 9 model and not as a Pocophone.