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Samsung Confirms Galaxy S2 Jelly Bean Update Coming "Soon"


Samsung has certainly made some headlines in the past 2 hours! First they confirm an October Jelly Bean update for the Galaxy S3. Then we learned that you can buy the Galaxy S3 for a limited time for $99 on Amazon (US residents only), which is a pretty damn good deal. But now, it’s time to shift focus to Samsung’s previous flagship device, the Galaxy S2. We’ve seen discussions and heard rumors of the GS2 receiving some Android 4.1 goodness, but now Samsung has confirmed that the Galaxy S2 will be receiving the Android Jelly Bean update very soon

Patient Galaxy S2 owners who opted not to root their phones are probably feeling like this right about now:

Sadly, we don’t have an exact date for the update, but we have learned that the update should arrive over the next couple of weeks (Samsung said it will arrive “soon”). The update will also reportedly be available as an OTA update and via Samsung Kies.

Jelly Bean brings a TON of enhancements, and the update will also allow GS2 users to “Beam” with other phones by simply touching another NFC compatible phone. It’s faster than Ice Cream Sandwich, and provides some great new features that I’m sure GS2 owners will love.

I’m positive that there are a few GS2 owners out there who are very happy to know that the update is coming soon, and Samsung definetely seems very serious about rolling out timely updates to their devices.

Be sure to let us know when the 4.1 update hits your Galaxy S2!

Picture credits: files.sharenator.com and Android Authority

Source: Android Geeks



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  • Leong Jan 8, 2013 Link to comment

    "and the update will also allow GS2 users to “Beam” with other phones by simply touching another NFC compatible phone"

    S2 don't have NFC

  • CJ Brown Nov 24, 2012 Link to comment

    @John ,

    I noticed there is also a Samsung Galaxy S3 as well as a Samsung Note 2 available Sim Card Free & Unlocked (& it makes me pleased to see more of this coming to the UK) ....

    There is even an HTC ONE S, as well as an HTC ONE X available Sim Card Free & Unlocked (I hope this is equivalent to an affordable "no contract" or "pay as you go" here in North America) ....

    C J

  • It's great news. Finally the thing for which i was waiting for is being released.let's hope it will be soon......:)
    <a href="http://www.prepaymania.co.uk/mobilephone/samsung-galaxy-s2-i9100-sim-free-unlocked-mobile-phone.html">Samsung Galaxy S2</a>

  • Patience is definitely a virtue...I'm just horribly bad at it. LOL :-D

  • CJ Brown Sep 17, 2012 Link to comment

    @Eric -

    Waiting has been my only reward ... because it appears every month another quality Android Smart Phone loaded with Ice Cream Sandwich is available via a No Contract Carrier (Boost, Cricket, Virgin Mobile, etc) & slashing that monthly fee in half sure looks good ...

  • @CJ - I think Im leaning towards a Note 2...but part of me says wait for the next Nexus phone.

    Dammit I hate waiting!!!

  • CJ Brown Sep 13, 2012 Link to comment

    With BOOST offering a Samsung Galaxy S II 4G with Ice Cream Sandwich already on it, I think I found my next "No Contract" Android Smart Phone (& it won't be long before I'll be testing Jelly Bean next) ... :-)

  • LOL! That makes sense :-D

  • Anna F. Sep 12, 2012 Link to comment

    I WILL root it. I just want to see what the update will be like first :P

  • rtt

  • Note is also getting the update :-)

  • Imran Sep 11, 2012 Link to comment

    Please, what about my G Note. I will wait for another hour maybe something will come out.

  • @Anna- I had a feeling you might say that :-)

    @Tom- Yeah bro. If only every OEM would start taking updates this serious.

  • I'm so feeling the Sammy Jelly Bean love right now :-D Glad to hear my SGS2 gets to stay current.

  • Anna F. Sep 11, 2012 Link to comment

    That's great! I'm so glad Samsung hasn't forgotten about the Galaxy S2!!! :D Eric, I think I'll wait for the official Jelly Bean update before rooting my phone (pure curiosity). I have the international model so no carrier procrastination :)