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You now have to hand over your social media info for a US visa
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You now have to hand over your social media info for a US visa

In the name of "internal security", anything is possible. At least that's what you might think when you see this new condition for getting a visa in the United States. Applicants must now provide details of their social media accounts.

The US State Department explained that it has "adapted its visa application form to obtain additional information from applicants". More specifically, you will need to provide details on the social networks you use because "national security is the priority when it comes to visa distribution".

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"America first," he says. / © Maxx-Studio/Shutterstock

In theory, you will now have to enter your social media details, such as your email address and your telephone number, on your visa application form. More specifically, you have to provide details of all the accounts you have used in the last five years.

In practice, most European countries are not concerned with this because many Europeans can enter the United States with the ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) form except in some Eastern European countries. ESTA will also ask for this information from applicants, but it is not mandatory for the popular visa waiver system.

What do you think about the decision? Will you be handed over your Facebook or Twitter details to enter the United States?

Source: RTBF, ZEIT


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  • It is over over-reaching, but before pointing the finger at the United States? Point the finger at everyone who posts hateful things on social networks (Rascists, White Supremacists, Radical Islamic Terrorists, etc)!

    That's right! Nobody wants to put up with bollocks like that anymore! Don't expect this to be the United States only, expect these same requests elsewhere (and exclaiming you don't want to visit the United States? That's your right, that's also one less crowd inside Disneyland as far as I'm concerned!)

    • All that still don't justify to refuse anyone access to that part of the world, just because somebody has said something not so nice about Trump...

      "Oh, honyyyyyy?
      remember me to re-shedule our Holliday's to USA this year, I just posted something with the words USA, Trump, not nice in it on social media! "
      :-). :-D

  • What I think: PEEP!
    What I write down here: No thank you USA! There are better countries to visit on my list!

  • storm 2 weeks ago Link to comment

    a phone number and email address aren't quite the same as your social media details necessarily. But close in many cases. Makes me glad to have bailed early on social media. Considering the online radicalization, its not unreasonable.