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What to do if your smartphone gets stolen
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What to do if your smartphone gets stolen

If you're reading this article, it might be because you've been the unfortunate victim of smartphone theft, or you've simply lost your phone. Whether it's the dollar value of the phone or all the personal data it holds that has you worried, having a missing phone is always bad news. Nevertheless, it's important to act quickly if you want to get it back. Here are the first steps you should take if your phone is stolen or lost.

Here's what to do if your phone has been stolen:

Where do thieves operate?

According to a survey by IDG it seems that bars and restaurants are hot spots for smartphone thieves. One of the most common tricks is to put a map or newspaper on the table over your phone and slip it out underneath whilst distracting you with some chat or contrived story about being lost or similar. Of course, you are more likely to be targeted in big cities like London and New York.

Keep an eye out if you insist on getting your smartphone out in a bar or restaurant.

Another hunting spot for smartphone thieves is public transport. Taking your smartphone out of your pockets in the bus or on the subway just before the doors close is a common practice. I remember when my friend was still living in Beijing and a lot of her friends suddenly found themselves on the subway with earphones in their ears but the sound had died ... why? The smartphone had been stolen from their pocket. Not to mention stories of a skillful thief who used chopsticks to take smartphones off of the unfortunate ones!

AndroidPIT in a bar on the phone
Bars and restaurants are among the favorite places for smartphone thieves. / © AndroidPIT, Shutterstock

After spending a large chunk of money on a Samsung Galaxy S9 or a Huawei Mate 10 Pro, any reaction is understandable but the aspect that should worry you most is not the value of the hardware but, rather, the data contained in it. Emails, contacts, photos, business documents, bank account details: it is important to immediately destroy the sensitive data saved on your device if it gets stolen. That's what you have to do when you don't find your Android smartphone where you left it.

How to find your smartphone

Android offers several ways to find your lost or stolen smartphone. The best-known one is Google's Find My Device, which you can access from the website on your computer or the app from the Google Play Store. Here are more details on how to use the service, which used to be called Android Device Manager:

Other apps and solutions exist help you find your smartphone via its GPS, too. If you're able to find your phone with one of these services, it's best not to approach a thief yourself. Instead, leave it up to the police. But, if you just misplaced your phone, this will help you figure out where it is and get it yourself.

Locate your mobile via Smartwatch

A useful tool to find your smartphone again is a Smartwatch. Wear OS' on-board tools make it easy to locate the paired phone. Just activate the Google Assistant and say "Find my smartphone". The watch then searches for the paired phone and lets it sound an alarm, even if it is actually set to silent. The location can also be triggered via the Wear OS menu without a voice command.

AndroidPIT lg watch urbane 2nd 1299
Smartwatches make it easy to track down a paired mobile phone. / © ANDROIDPIT

With Bluetooth connectivity, this option is hardly useful in the event of theft, unless the thief is still nearby. The Smartwatch feature is designed to locate a lost smartphone without having to turn the whole apartment upside down.

If you've lost your phone on public transportation, it's also a good idea to contact the local transit authority to see if it's been found. The local police may also be holding it for you if a good citizen has turned it into them.

androidpit stolen smartphone
You can erase your sensitive data remotely.  © AndroidPIT

How to wipe your smartphone data remotely

If you're unable to recover your smartphone, Android gives you the option to erase the data on the phone remotely using the Find My Device service mentioned above. If only takes a few seconds to reset the phone (and the thief won't be able to stop it once it's started), but it's irreversible, so consider this option carefully before doing it.

find my phone
Pinpointing your phone then erasing it can help prevent identity theft. / © AndroidPIT

How to report your smartphone as stolen

If your phone is stolen, it is important to report the theft to the police as soon as possible (within 48 hours at most). This is especially important if your phone is covered by insurance. The police report will allow the authorities to block the phone from being used on other networks.

To report your phone as stolen to the police, you'll need the following information handy:

  • The IMEI number of the smartphone, which can be found on the box or in the About section of the phone's settings menu, is like a 15-digit license plate for your smartphone. Keep it written down somewhere.
  • The model of your smartphone and any stolen accessories. Note the brand, version and color.
  • Your phone number and the name of your mobile network.
  • The circumstances of the theft, specifying the date, time and location of the theft.
It is very important to know the IMEI number of your smartphone.

If your phone is covered against theft by an insurance policy, it's necessary to notify the company as soon as possible so you stay aware of the procedure to follow and the benefits you're entitled to. Pay close attention to what you tell them, as it could mean the difference between seeing the benefits of your policy or being left with no recourse.

How to disable your cell phone service

Whoever stole your cell phone might like to rack up a large phone bill on your behalf by calling paid 1-900 numbers with your phone. To avoid this, you need to notify your service provider that your phone has been lost or stolen as soon as possible. Then, your mobile provider can shut off your phone service. You can suspend service to your number through your carrier's website, in their shops or by calling customer service.

Here are the customer service numbers for the four main mobile carriers in the US:

  • AT&T: 1 (800) 331-0500 or online
  • Verizon: 1 (800) 922-0204 or online
  • Sprint: 1 (888) 211-4727 or online
  • T-Mobile: 1 (877) 746-0909 or online

If you suspend your service, it will stop working instantly, thus avoiding fraudulent use. In most cases, you'll still be able to call your voicemail from another phone without incurring any additional costs. You'll be billed for the month as usual, and you can get a new phone or activate a new SIM card from your carrier later if you don't recover your missing phone.

Android Pay rep
It is essential to disable your phone service to avoid fraudulent use. © AndroidPIT

How to protect your smartphone

To protect your phone in case it gets stolen, or at least mitigate the damage, you should take basic precautions like setting up Find My Device (also known as Android Device Manager), a lock screen passcode and/or the fingerprint scanner if you have one. For more tips, check out these articles:

Have you ever been a victim of a smartphone theft? Were you able to recover your phone? Share your tips in the comments.


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  • Google's Find My Device does practically everything you need, which is more than I can say for Apple (good luck if your iPhone gets stolen). You will need access to a desktop / laptop - or your spouse's smartphone - but it works!

    Being more cautious when using your smartphone out in the world (anywhere), I can't stress this enough. The only thing that stopped me from having my smart phone stolen was quickly acting upon it (I guess when you stick your 9 mm in the thief's mouth they get the hint).


  • If my phone is stolen, I think I will feel at a loss what to do. T_T