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Android Honeycomb To Have Dual-Core Requirement?
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Android Honeycomb To Have Dual-Core Requirement?

PC Magazine published an article yesterday stating that the Android Honeycomb tablet OS will "require a dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor to run properly" according to an industry insider. The source for the surprising claim comes from a talk with Bobby Cha, the managing director of Enspert, a Korean electronics company.

According to the conversation PC Magazine had with Cha, Android Honeycomb will need a dual-core processor to properly function. In addition, he also mentioned that Honeycomb may also have a necessary minimum display resolution of 1280 x 720.

He goes on to say that he thinks Honeycomb will at first be only for high-end tablets like the Motorola tablet which has been rumored about.

No evidence was given to back up Cha's claims, so some if not all of the speculation above may not be correct. Many of the ideas presented in the article seem surprising.

Considering that all Android smartphones on the market now have display resolutions roughly half of what we are expecting in the next few weeks and months, it may be that current high-end smartphones will be able to still run Honeycomb because they won't need as much processing power.

It is very hard to believe that Google would release the Nexus S in December, but then show off Honeycomb in January with the revelation that the Nexus S won't be able to run it. I'm going on the assumption that Honeycomb, in some form, will be available on Android smartphones running not only dual-core processors, but also single-core processors.

Image from Android Central

Source: PC Magazine


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  • It is not yet clear whether there will be two versions of Honeycomb, so that is the reason for all the speculation.

  • Will there be a different version of honeycomb for tablets? Does he mean that the tablet version will require dual core; if there is a separate version? I agree with you that at least for phones there will be no requirements like this.