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Android Market Reaches 65K Apps, 160K Activations Per Day
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Android Market Reaches 65K Apps, 160K Activations Per Day

Thanks to some comments from Google's Andy Rubin at the Droid X event yesterday, we have word that the number of Android devices being activated daily has increased from 100,000 to 160,000. What's more, the Android Market now officially hosts more than 65,000 apps, and it looks to continue growing faster every day.

AndroidGuys notes that the figures given by Andy Rubin means that Android devices "are being activated at a rate of 160,000 per day. Yes, that's almost two activations for every second of the day, every day. What's even more is impressive is the speed at which the figure grows. Vic Gundotra broke the news at Google I/O last month that the number was at 100,000. Going back a few months to February, we were looking at 60,000 per day."

AndroidCentral brings us back to reality with the number of real apps available on the Android Market when they way that "the Android Market now officially hosts 68,000 applications (which of course includes keyboards, skins, ringtones and other thing you wouldn't consider to be apps)."

Phandroid mentions that with the competition Android is seeing from Apple's iPhone 4, "Google isn’t backing down at all, and handset partners like Motorola and HTC" are having trouble keeping Android phones in stock for the ever growing number of Android users.

Other Sources: AndroidCentral, AndroidGuys, Phandroid

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