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Two weeks ago I wrote about Planetbeing showing off a successful port of Android 1.6 onto an Apple iPhone 2G. Back then he told us it shouldn't be too long to get it working on the iPhone 3G, and yesterday he stayed true to his promise, only two weeks after the iPhone 2G port. If only other companies could follow Planetbeing's example of timely releases.

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PC World wrote about the functionality of the device currently, noting several issues in the current builds. Here is some of what they said:

Now you can use the Android OS to browse the web and run any application that does not require audio support, as well as send and receive SMS text messages over the cell phone radio...many under-the-hood improvements and bug fixes, the Wi-Fi driver has been fleshed out with all the Android-specific extensions, making it more stable and reliable. We've also added an Android icon to the boot menu to make it more easily accessible.

So if you have a spare iPhone 3G lying around, and feel like trying the dual-boot ability out for yourself, wait a few days for "the packaged binaries and instructions for the 3G" to be posted up. What's more, if this project interests you, Phandroid reports that the team is looking for volunteer developers to help out.

Here is his latest video showing off the achievement.

Other Sources: Engadget, PC World, Phandroid

Image from AndroidandMe

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