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FrAndroid, a French Android blog, believes that Motorola's newest two handsets, the Droid X and Droid 2, will be heading to European shores at the end of the year. Motorola sold the Droid in Europe, known as the Milestone, so it isn't a stretch of the imagination that Motorola would sell their two newest flagship phones.

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Phandroid and FrAndroid speculate that the naming scheme for the European version of the handsets would follow the American scheme, with the handsets going by the name of Milestone X and Milestone 2.

Phandroid notes that the phones in the article "are Verizon-branded, though FrAndroid claims it’s because they’re prototypes and their designs have yet to be finalized."

FrAndroid apparently also contends that the Droid X will launch in Europe around the holiday season, however, I see no real evidence from FrAndroid pointing to a French launch. Luckily, the Best Buy Droid 2 case tells a different story.

I noticed that the cases seen in Best Buy were in several languages, so it seems likely to me that Motorola was in contact with the manufacturers of the accessories, telling them which markets would be seeing the device so that the corresponding languages would be included on the packaging. French, Spanish, and English were written on the accessory in question.

Other Sources: Phandroid

Image from Engadget and FrAndroid

Source: FrAndroid

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