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European Milestone Users Get OTA Android 2.1 Update

Authored by: Douglas Carter — Mar 30, 2010

Eclair is here (or coming very soon) for those of you with Motorola Milestones in Europe. The unwired reports on their website that on Motorola's Europe Facebook page, the Android 2.1 update is being rolled out. Apparently France is already receiving the update and those of you in Germany, Italy and the UK can expect it sometime before the middle of April.

Sorry all you Verizon users, but it looks like you'll be waiting for a while longer. However, the "good news" is that Motorola knows you are waiting. What's more is that we already knew they knew we wanted it. If 2.1 gets released and is buggy, I imagine many people will sit there and wonder what Motorola was doing the whole time. No lemons please!

Still can't wait? The manual download is available here. Let's hope this is all over soon so we can look back with nostalgia, and say "Hey, remember when..."

Other Sources: Phandroid, AndroidCentral, BoyGeniusReport

Source: The::Unwired

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