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Galaxy S Coming to T-Mobile USA?

Authored by: Douglas Carter — Apr 16, 2010

A few discrepancies in a Bluetooth SIG and similar specs have Phandroid and UnwiredReview reporting the possibility of T-Mobile receiving Samsung's Galaxy S, or a similar phone. Apparently a 4" AMOLED touchscreen and Bluetooth 3.0. In my opinion, there are too many discrepancies for this to be the Galaxy S, but we may be looking at another phone which is interesting as well.

It is very likely that AT&T will receive the Galaxy S due to previous sleuthing. The T959 that was listed in the Bluetooth document shows a slightly different model number, different screen size/resolution, and an AMOLED screen instead of a Super AMOLED screen.

So, what exactly are we looking at here? I think it is just too soon to say it is the Galaxy S, but hopefully something at least mildly interesting. I am no fan of AT&T getting the Galaxy S all to themselves, so I'm all for T-Mobile carrying the device. Especially considering their plans for faster wireless networks.

Other Sources: Phandroid

Image from UnwiredView

Source: Unwired View

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