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Google Earth on the Milestone - Video
Google Motorola Android 2.1 – Eclair 2 min read 3 comments

Google Earth on the Milestone - Video

Everyone is probably aware by now that Google Earth is available for Android. While it is intended to run only with Android 2.1, this isn't actually the case. Pulsar Custom Rom, for example, runs fine on my Milestone despite being marked for Android 2.1 on the Market. Downloading Google Earth from the Market therefore wasn't a problem for me. It is even possible to install Google Earth on a “normal” Milestone thanks to the efforts of b0b, a user from android-hilfe.de that modified the Google Earth APK accordingly. You can find the APK in the following thread (entry #28). Here is a direct download link if you happen to have any problems on the forum (Thanks Oscar;-)

Google Earth runs great on the Milestone. Since Google Earth uses 22MB of internal memory to run, remember to have enough space on your Milestone. Aside from that I turned off the live wallpaper and let most other things run in background mode. Google Earth does an amazing job as far as performance is concerned. Visually, Google Earth is pretty stunning as well. Depending on the view, you get the feeling of actually walking through the streets with a view in any direction. All in all it's a neat gadget to just play around with or use for any number of other things.

If anyone encounters any problems where Google Earth fails to start up, just delete the Google Earth folder from your SD card folder named Android/data and things should be running smoothly again.


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