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Google Increases QR Code Support

Authored by: Douglas Carter — Apr 8, 2010

According to TechCrunch and Phandroid, yesterday Google's "chief spam fighter" tweeted about the addition of a new service to that will increase the use of QR codes, especially in places like the US, where acceptance of them has been few and far between. A faster way to create QR Codes is on the way.

Android users are familiar with the new square form of barcode that are becoming popular in many parts of the world. I see them fairly often here in Berlin. TechCrunch describes the new development best in my opinion:

Today, it’s gotten a nifty new feature: add “.qr” to the end of any shortened link, and Google will generate a QR code for it. For example, the link would become

According to the homepage for the website, "Google URL Shortener is currently available for Google products and not for broader consumer use."

Other Sources: Google, Phandroid

Image from TechCrunch

Source: TechCrunch

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