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HTC Incredible Coming Soon to Verizon?

Authored by: Douglas Carter — Apr 6, 2010

News is coming in regarding Verizon releasing the HTC Incredible. I'll try and consolidate the leads into one article here. A tweet from a Verizon Twitter account and a picture taken of the HTC Incredible being in Verizon's CelleBrite system would lead us to believe that the release is just around the corner.

Gearlog and Gizmodo are reporting that some tweets from a Verizon Twitter account are addressing inquiries about the upcoming release of the HTC Incredible, saying:

"@studentbuddha It's a Friday Brandon, don't be angry :-) As for the HTC Incredible & other new phones...good things come to those who wait!"

"@shawnaisaacs Hi Shawn, Yes the HTC Incredible does seem to be in demand! What do you think of #Droid, by the way?"

Those of you who have been following these stories are aware that Verizon has been very tight-lipped about the Incredible so far, but at least it is being semi-officially acknowledged by Verizon.

In another development, according to BoyGeniusReport and Phandroid, the system Verizon uses to transfer contacts and other information from cellphone to cellphone (CelleBrite) has an entry in it for the HTC Incredible. Apparently, the phone is already arriving in warehouses. One step at a time folks!

Let's hope the release is just around the corner unless Verizon wants to compete with the upcoming release of the HTC EVO 4G and Apple newest iPhone.

Other Sources: BoyGeniusReport, Gizmodo, AndroidandMe, Phandroid, Androinica

Images from Phandroid and AndroidandMe

Source: Gearlog

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