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Motorola Brings Google TV Back from the Dead
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Motorola Brings Google TV Back from the Dead


While everyone is busy going bonkers over Google's purchase of Motorola, some of smaller pieces of news related to the story get lost amid all the screaming and yelling. This acquisition is more than just an attempt by Google to control the smartphone market, it also gives the search engine giant the possiblity to relaunch previously failed projects like Google TV. Could Motorola successfully resusitate Google TV back to life?

The lack of TV manufacturers willing to preinstall Google TV (i.e. Android) onto their products left Google with very little room to maneouver. Without the appropriate hardware Google TV is totally pointless. Given Motorola's reputation as a producer of consumer home electronics, including televisions, Google sees a new window of opportunity. 

This should give Google enough leverage to battle American cable companies that have been blocking Google TV from people's homes. As soon as the first Google TV Motorola-engineered devices hit the market, other manufacturers will follow by incorporating the free OS onto their own televisions. Based on this very probable scenario Google TV could potentially create an entire Google TV ecosystem - all with the help of Motorola's home electronics division. 

So as you can see the ramifications of Google's historic acquisition go way beyond the realm of smartphones and could potentially affect the way people will interact with their televisions in the future. 

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