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Pictures Leaked Of Motorola XT300 Android Slider
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Pictures Leaked Of Motorola XT300 Android Slider

MobiFlip.de found some pictures and a series of videos of a Android-powered Motorola device on HiAPK that goes by the name of XT300 appears to be the same device that was leaked in several photos back in July. The device features Verizon's red-eye bootloader typical of their Droid devices, but the rumored specs and looks of this device don't scream "Droid" to me.

As for the device's specs, Android Central writes that the XT300 "comes with no flash for the camera, has an excellent looking keyboard, a rear mounted trackpad, and some form of Blur, at least for the launcher."

Engadget notes of their curiousity about the handset's destination:

The reappearance of the red Droid eye seems to indicate this one's eventually destined for Verizon, but we'll see -- we're curious about the XT300 name being used in this photo set, which ties in with Moto's GSM naming scheme, and Verizon's reserved the Droid name for higher-end sets so far, while this thing looks like a mid-range Blur phone to us.

MobileCrunch remarks that the device appears to be "a nicer-looking slider device than the Blackberry Torch, which looks busy, chromey, and chubby in comparison."

Check out this video showing the device:

For now, most of the details are speculation, so if this handset interests, you are just going to have to wait a bit longer. Head over to MobiFlip.de to check out all the videos and images they collected.

Other Sources: Android Central, Engadget, MobileCrunch

Image from HiAPK

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