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RIM And Windows Phone – Are They Really Doing THAT Bad?
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RIM And Windows Phone – Are They Really Doing THAT Bad?

(picture from Cnet)

I think it's common knowledge that here at Androidpit, the 2 most discussed operating systems are Android (duh) and Apple (grrrrrr). And that makes sense, considering that these 2 titans of tech are literally making all other forms of mobile operating systems look damn near obsolete in terms of sales and market share. But is it really THAT bad? Are RIM and Windows phones really performing so badly, or is there some slight exaggerations going on? I can answer those questions in one sentence: Yes, it is going THAT bad, and no this isn't an exaggeration. Let me show you....

According to the ad network known as Chitika, RIM and Windows phone COMBINED failed to reach 3% of network traffic ad impressions in November and December. Do me a favor right now, and quickly look at the chart at the top of this article, and let those numbers sink in....

Wow...I mean....WOW. If these numbers are accurate, RIM and Windows phone execs must be shaking in their boots. I mean common...less than THREE PERCENT COMBINED? I don't want to make this into a bashing article, but guys...what the hell happened?

This might suprise you, but I don't even find RIM or Windows to be THAT bad when it comes to user experience. Heck, I'm even pretty impressed at some of the newer Windows phones, and am really interested to see Windows 8 running on tablets. I have used Blackberry and Windows phones, and while my heart is naturally with Android, I honestly don't see how they are generating numbers THIS low. RIM used to be a MONSTER in this industry, and I don't even have to say anything about the force that is Microsoft (luckily for them, they make more money off of Android than they do from their own mobile OS). How did they manage to lose almost ALL of their fire?

What do you guys think? Is it user experience that's killing them, or is it lack of devices? Marketing stratagy maybe, or could these numbers be inaccurate? Losing market share is one thing, but having almost...well...none is another. What do you guys think went wrong? Any chance of recovery in sight for these 2 former giants?


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  • I 've been attempt workaround google (they create andyroid?). I have had little pallatable result via "GOOID". sigh....

  • But Microsoft is still getting paid by certain Android hardware manufactures like Samsung and htc for patent infringements.Samsung pays from 3 to 16 dollars per handset to Microsoft. What's hilarious is that Microsoft makes more money off Android than they do of their own devices. everyone has a hand in Android.

  • Call me crazy, but I think Blackberry will in the next 14 months have Android running it. Its their only chance for salvation, and Ive already heard some rumors. Could be interesting.

  • Exactly, The RnD folks presented Balmer with tons of amazing ideas and alphas and the guy was always, wait or , not impressed. They are missing the market savy Bill Gates.

    I think RIM is going down soon. Microsoft has enough wealth to survive and thier new OS is really nice..

  • Agreed. Microsoft really surprised me with that though, as some of their vision for windows phones are actually pretty good. Seems they might have simply missed their window.

  • RIM and Microsoft suffer from the same illness. Too big, too slow and not creative enough. Micorsoft RnD had some brilliant tablets designs way before iPad and they were all shot down by senior Management (Ballmer)...

    RIM actually beleived that they didn't need to worry and lagged horribly in OS development and simply ignored all the signs.

    Well, the results of these poor management decisions are clear in your graph.