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[Rumor] The Flexible Samsung Skin Phone is Real -- And Coming Soon

Authored by: Steven Blum — Sep 21, 2011

Well, either our source has gone apewall or the Flexible Samsung phone is really coming soon to a store near you.

Some back story: a few weeks ago, we wrote about the Samsung Galaxy Skin, a flexible phone that could, theoretically, be wrapped around your ankle or used even as a projector. The internet loved the story so much that it ended up on the front page of Reddit for a few hours.

This technology was first revealed at CES in 2011, and now the International Business Times says the phone – or something like it – may debut in the second quarter of 2012.

I'm still a bit unsure of this, and think even that maybe the International Business Times made the epic mistake of seeing a concept phone and thinking it was a real phone, but, as rumors go, this one is delicious.

And at least we found some video we hadn't seen before of the screens being folded. Wow!



Like a Second Skin - The Flexible Samsung Phone from the Future

More Photos and Videos Emerge of the Flexible Samsung Phone from the Future!

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