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Samsung Behold II To Receive Android 1.6 on June 28?

Engadget reported several weeks ago that Samsung's Behold II would be receiving an update to Android 1.6, with no future of an update to Android 2.1. Phandroid is now saying that they have a source saying that the update should start rolling out to users on the 28th of June.

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Phandroid wrote in their story that "while the timeframe for the update hasn’t been officially announced, we have it on good authority from a source that wishes to remain anonymous that the Samsung Behold II should be seeing it starting June 28th."

As for what is expected in the update, Engadget wrote that the update will feature "Swype, an improved Media Player, updated core Android applications and improved Bluetooth capabilities" which will hopefully help some Behold II users to not feel completely forgotten.

T-Mobile earlier announced their pledge that no phones will be "left behind." No news on the G1 (and I am not expecting any) but this Android 1.6 update is better than nothing, right?

Want Android 2.1 on T-Mobile? Follow AndroidandMe's advice and "consider the Galaxy S or T-Mobile’s myTouch Slide (rumored to be getting android 2.2 soon)" or fork over for a Nexus One.

This rumor just might end up being true, and when it does happen, I'll let you guys know.

Other Sources: AndroidandMe, Engadget

Image from AndroidandMe

Source: Phandroid

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