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Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc showcased in SE's blog

The Sony Ericsson Product blog released a few posts and videos of the upcoming Xperia Arc's and I must say, it looks pretty amazing. It was good to hear that SE was committing to Android, but looking at their videos and pictures, it looks like they were quite serious in their promise. Read past the break for specs and a video of the sleek Gingerbread beast. 

The Arc is due to be released sometime Q1 and it's packing some a nice design and feature set, though it's not the beefiest of the CES newcomers. It's a cool 8.7mm thin in the middle of its reverse arch on the back, features a 4.2" 854 x 480 pixel LCD screen, 512 MB of RAM, as well as a Snapdragon 1 GHz processor with Adreno 205 GPU. The 8 MP camera has it's own post and, really, it deserves it. The camera UI seems well thought through and the speed at which it takes pictures is something I haven't seen in any phone so far. 

It looks really sleek and solid and the screen borrows some tech stuff from the Sony Bravia TVs (we'll see if it's as good as they say, or if it's another marketing gimick), though, personally, I am not a fan of the headphone jack on the bottom and the lack of a search key. SE also took some time to skin Gingerbread and it looks quite nice. There's a scrollable widget for social networking and one for pictures and the music app and app list look decent and less in your face than other UI overlays.

One thing that is interesting is the integration of a pinch function on the homescreen that, unlike HTC Sense or Launcher Pro does not bring up previews of individual screen, but a collection of all active widgets - an interesting touch. Check out more on the build and UI of the 117 gram Xperia Arc below:


Picture/Video: Sony Ericsson Product blog 


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  • I agree, the specs are not up to par with what's coming out alongside it. But considering it'll be running 2.3 with all it's enhancements and the demos with unfinished OS show it running pretty smoothly it's not bad. I hope SE does realize that few people will buy this if it's priced at the same tier as the Thunderbold or Atrix and will price below.

  • Indeed 2nd gen CPU.

  • I didn't watch the video, but I would be surprised if the processor is not the 2nd Gen. 1ghz that also powers the desire HD.

  • “512 MB of RAM, as well as a Snapdragon 1 GHz processor” — Typical SE: nice case, good camera, stingy memory, miserly CPU and a sub standard update police. Ohh, please stop hyping the Arc. It is not so great phone from a not so great manufacture.