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T-Mobile G2 Pre-Order Available Oct 6th, $150 At Radio Shack

The T-Mobile G2 is coming ever closer to release, with the official announcement by T-Mobile, and the beginning of pre-orders with Best Buy for a launch on October 6th, with a pricetag of $199, but now Radio Shack has bested Best Buy, offering the phone for $149.99.

T-Mobile has not yet released their official exact release date or pricing, but Engadget believes it is a safe bet to expect the $199 price point in some form or another. The T-Mobile site here says that current T-Mobile customers will have exclusive access this month to pre-order the G2, and a rumored leaked internal document pins the T-Mobile price at $199.99.

AndroidandMe reminds us of the possibility that "T-Mobile might price the G2 higher than $199 and offer a rebate for the difference", which wouldn't be too strange. Android Central comments that "$199 is the sweet spot these days, and anything less is really just icing on the Android cake, is it not?"

On a related note, the Best Buy Mobile page indicates that the name of the keyboard hinge on the G2 is called the "Z-hinge" by HTC.

Radio Shack announced on their Twitter account here that the phone will be available through them for $149.99, but make no mention regarding availability, other than telling followers to "stay tuned for info." They would be making a big mistake (in my opinion) to delay their release longer than Best Buy's or T-Mobile's release

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Source: Best Buy Mobile

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