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Android Pay rolls out today, challenges Apple and Samsung Pay services

Android Pay is rolling out in the US today. It will allow users to shop in more than one million locations without the need for cash or credit cards. Google's new 'tap and pay' service, which works via NFC, will replace Google Wallet as it takes on Apple Pay and Samsung Pay in the contactless payment arena. 

androidpit android pay 2
A look at the Android Pay interface. / © Google

Android Pay is compatible with devices running Android 4.4 KitKat and above. The service is becoming available to a small batch of users today, and will reach most other Android phones within the next week.

If you have Google Wallet, you will soon see your app icon change into an Android Pay icon, and the stored content (gift cards, special offers, and so on) will transfer over. Bear in mind that one limitation of Android Pay is that it is not designed to work on rooted devices. 

androidpit android pay supported stores
Some of the stores where you will be able to use Android Pay. / © Google

The Android Pay functionality is currently limited to tap-to-pay purchases at physical stores, but additional features, such support for in-app purchases will arrive late this year. Google Wallet, meanwhile, will be re-released as a dedicated service for sending payments between family and friends.

Are you excited to start using Android Pay? Do you think it will catch on? Let us know in the comments.


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  • Hang on a sec, the Nexus is basically made to root easily. I mean if Google all of a sudden said; "OK, we will keep the Nexus line easy to root, but will make major functionality not compatible with a rooted device", why would I want a Nexus? Ahem, Oh never mind .... Google WTF? Let ME decide what level of protection I want. I turn off encryption, root my phone and use my Google Wallet all the time. Apple, opps I mean Google come on now, if we wanted to be treated like kids, we know where to go.

    • Yep, dumb move. Don't know about others, but I prefer my root much more over potentially paying with the phone.

  • Android Pay / Google Wallet

    It seems the future will be utilizing both like a pre paid credit card / Western Union - Money Gram type of service combined (except your Android Smartpbone can't be roooted AND must be NFC compliant).

    The ONLY competition I see is Walmart (don't laugh! The latest Smartphones from Straight-Talk are NFC compliant, and Walmart already offers a competing service comparable to Western Union Money Transfer).

    I think Consumers need to update and embrace being more secure with their Android Smartphones if they're going to utilize any service involving an exchange of personal funds (even Google issued an email this week regarding Encryption called Google Take Action).


  • It's not supported on rooted devices at all? Dumb, Google.

  • Just installed it on my Nexus 5... SWEET! Very slick UI.. lovin' it!
    All the Google Wallet stuff came over with it, just had to verify the Card codes on any existing CC's or Debit Cards installed in Wallet.
    Looks good Google!

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